Looking for an adrenal fatigue specialist in the Raleigh-Durham NC area

by Jill
(Raleigh, NC)

I would love to find an adrenal fatigue specialist in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill-Cary, NC area. I suffer from ulcerative colitis (auto-immune digestive disorder), and I believe that adrenal fatigue is one of the root causes of my illness. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!


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Nov 13, 2014
alternative medicine doctor NEW
by: Anonymous

Check Dr Clark in the Raleigh/Durham area.

Nov 19, 2013
doctor in chapel hill/durham NEW
by: Anonymous

my OB/GYN, Elizabeth Motyka, has been very helpful in my recovery from adrenal fatigue this year. few doctors take it seriously or know much about it. after taking very good care of myself (acupuncture, supplements, exercise) and making life changes (resting more, meditation) i am nearly back to normal.

i strongly suggest reading three books about adrenal fatigue to guide your own recovery: "overcoming adrenal fatigue" by kathryn simpson, "adrenal fatigue: the 21st century stress syndrome" by james wilson and "adrenal fatigue syndrome" by michael lam. good luck! recovery is definitely attainable!

Nov 19, 2013
adrenal fatigue dr NEW
by: Anonymous

did anyone find a doctor for adrenal fatigue in the Raleigh area?

Apr 07, 2013
test- repost of link
by: Anonymous

Winston-Salem adrenal fatigue doctor suggestions

Apr 06, 2013
chapel hill doctor recommendation?
by: Anonymous

the thread for adrenal fatigue doctors in winston salem is not longer available. i am also looking for a doctor in chapel hill who is sensitive to adrenal fatigue and would appreciate a recommendation. thanks.

Jan 12, 2012
Re: Jenny's post on adrenal fatigue doctor in Chapel Hill
by: Jill


Thanks for pointing to the Winston Salem, NC thread. I had apparently overlooked it! The thread contained three recommendations for holistic/integrative adrenal specialists. Ultimately, after visiting each of the doctors' web sites (along with a couple of other local websites that I learned about through other sources), I was most impressed with Dr. Goode's approach and philosophy. She is based in Raleigh at the Beverly Medical Center. I have made an appointment with her.

Jan 12, 2012
Adrenal Fatigue Doctors in NC
by: Owner, Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

Dear Jill and Jenny~

Have you seen this thread? There is an adrenal fatigue doctor recommendation in Chapel Hill that you might be interested in checking out:

Winston-Salem NC, Searching for adrenal fatigue doctor

Owner, Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

Jan 12, 2012
re: Jenny's post on adrenal fatigue doctor in Chapel Hill
by: Jill

Thanks for your comments. Do you mind letting me know the name of the doctor you visited in Chapel Hill so that I know to avoid him/her?

Jan 11, 2012
I also need adrenal doctor in Raleigh-Durham
by: Jenny

I have autoimmune thyroiditis, Hashimoto's desease. I keep slipping back into adrenal fatigue whenever I go off hydrocortisone. I haven't found anyone knowledgeable in NC to help me. Just tried a functional medicine doctor in Chapel Hill who fixated on my weight instead of helping me first with adrenal fatigue.

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