Test Kits for Adrenal Fatigue: Products You Can Use at Home

Adrenal Fatigue Lab Tests

Many people suffering from adrenal fatigue have been frustrated by their doctor's lack of knowledge or willingness to diagnose adrenal fatigue, and have wanted a way to access lab testing without having a doctor's order.  

Be aware that some states (most notably New York) have laws prohibiting residents from purchasing these tests directly. Please confirm with the sellers that they are able to sell to your address. Or, plan to do the test while you are visiting friends or relatives in another state...

True Health Labs is the only source I have found that not only sells test kits in the U.S., but also sells test kits to customers in Europe and Canada.  Those tests will be specifically designated for those locations.

When you order a cortisol test, you want to be sure to get the one that collects 4 saliva samples throughout the day. Other tests available include  sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone), thyroid, food sensitivities (blood), and the new DUTCH test (urine).

Saliva Cortisol tests and the DUTCH urine test can be done at home without assistance, but please note that food sensitivity tests require a blood draw, which you will need to arrange locally after acquiring your test kit.

True Health Labs

United States:

4-sample Adrenal Saliva Test-U.S.

DUTCH Test-Adrenals

DUTCH Test-Comprehensive

ALCAT Platinum Food Sensitivity Test-U.S.


4-sample Adrenal Saliva Test-Europe

ALCAT Platinum Food Sensitivity Test-Europe

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