Is There
Adrenal Fatigue Cure?

People always want to ask if there is an adrenal fatigue cure.

Usually what they mean is "What can I take that will make me better by next week?"   However, the cure for adrenal gland fatigue is not usually that simple.

Since it is largely a lifestyle condition, merely "taking something" is not going to solve the underlying problem.  Everyone gets to a point of adrenal exhaustion in a slightly different way, so there is no "one size fits all" answer. Getting to the root of your own causes is something that only you can do, and your ability to identify those causes and decide how you are going to eliminate or modify them is going to be the key to a lasting recovery for you.

If your adrenal gland fatigue is predominantly caused by food sensitivities, then taking an adrenal glandular will be helpful, but the problem will never truly be resolved until the offending foods are identified and removed from your diet.

If the source of your stress is a bad job situation, relaxation breathing will only get you so far. After that, you may need to consider finding a different job.  Low stress jobs are out there, or you may want to consider working from home. This website was started from home during my own recovery.  (Read that story here)

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If your adrenals are exhausted because of an extended stress situation in your life (say, caring for an elderly or terminally ill family member) then it's quite likely that caring for yourself  has fallen thru the cracks, and your own treatment plan will need to consist of eating better, getting better sleep, and being sure to have someone you can talk to about your feelings, in addition to taking adrenal supplements for support.

The adrenal fatigue cure for you is going to be different from the adrenal fatigue cure that worked for me, because the causes of adrenal fatigue are different for everyone. Understanding the causes of adrenal fatigue in your own life will be the key to unlocking the adrenal fatigue "cure" that is right for you.

You are your own best "health-care provider", and while a doctor can help you with diagnostics and developing a treatment plan, it is up to you to understand your own condition, address the causes, and implement the changes in your life that will help restore your health.

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