Do You Have These 17 Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms?

Do you have adrenal fatigue symptoms? Symptoms of adrenal fatigue resemble what our mothers used to call a nervous breakdown. The inability to cope with stress is, however, not a breakdown of our nerves, but of our adrenal glands, which can burn out after long periods of heightened output.

signs of adrenal fatigue

Symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue Include:

  • Startle easily- Something as simple as the phone ringing will send your heart pounding wildly
  • Feeling tired all the time- You wake up tired, even after what should have been a good night's sleep. You nap, but never feel like you've had enough
  • Allergies- You have either developed new allergies, or have experienced an increase in severity of allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis
  • Diminished tolerance for stress/Increase in anxiety or panic attacks- Stress triggers an irrationally disproportionate anxiety or irritability. Feeling of being unable to cope, or "coming unglued"
  • Postural Hypotension- Feeling dizzy upon rising, particularly from a horizontal position
  • Lethargy- A feeling of almost incapacitating weakness, especially when not eating regularly
  • Hypoglycemia- low blood sugar
  • Hypotension- low blood pressure
  • Hypothyroid- low thyroid is quite frequently present alongside low adrenal function
  • Caffeine dependent- you need caffeine to get started or keep going during the day
  • Weight gain- specifically as a layer of belly fat.  No matter what you try, you cannot lose any weight
  • Sensitive to bright light, or have a hard time driving at night
  • Sleep patternneed to sleep in, you get your best sleep between 7-9am. Slow to get going, but then pick up some steam until you hit a late afternoon low and need a nap. Tired in the evening, but if you don't get to bed early, then you hit a second wind after 11pm, and can go till the wee hours. Doing that, however, leaves you a total wreck the next day.
  • Hard time getting to sleep, or staying asleep
  • Unable to fight off or recuperate from illness- you seem to be sick all the time
  • Exercise makes you feel worse, not better
  • Low libido- you have no interest in, or energy for sex. Orgasm can be a weird, "hit your funny bone" kind of raw nerve pain feeling, or can leave you feeling jittery and/or wiped out--but not in the good way
  • Food cravings include salt, sweets, and protein
  • You have multiple "stress factors" in your life:  you've just had a baby... had surgery... got married... got divorced... moved either across town or across the country...lost a loved one... been a victim of a crime... have "3 under 5"...have "tweens"... have teens... have a job...lost a job...have any kind of life at all…

The stress factors don't necessarily have to be negative, and they don't have to be dramatic, but they are continual.  All the "little" stressors in our lives can add up to a case of adrenal fatigue. Symptoms like those above are frequently discounted when looked at individually, but taken as pieces of the same puzzle, they paint a picture of adrenal glands that need some TLC.

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