Adrenal Fatigue

A Workbook/Journal designed to help you
map out a personalized strategy for
overcoming adrenal fatigue
document your progress along the way.

How many times have you read something and thought to yourself "oh, that's a good idea, I should try that...", only to find that when the situation comes around, you can't implement it right now because you're either

  • unprepared
  • too tired, or 
  • have forgotten completely about it as soon as you put the book down?


The Planning Your Adrenal Fatigue Recovery journal will give you a place to write down those ideas, as well as guide you through making a plan AHEAD OF TIME to implement those ideas, so that you can develop a routine and eliminate the stresses of things like not being able to remember what you read that you should do, as well as the stress of having to "think up" simple things like what to eat for lunch once you're already hungry.

Who Is This For?

For people who are Frustrated.  Tired.  Don't know where to begin.

Don't know how to implement the things they should do.

Overwhelmed with new information.


What Will I Find Inside?

22 Reproducible journal pages for helping you

document your adrenal fatigue symptoms

track your progress,


plan your recovery.   

  • Organize your symptoms and  observations in a clear, easy summary to share with your doctor.   
  • Identify areas of your life that are draining your adrenals and plan ways to deal with them.
  • Plan a healthier diet to strengthen and nourish not only your adrenals, but your whole body  
  •  Develop awareness of the many sources of stress to your adrenal glands-they're not always obvious! 
  •  Document your strategy for recovery and monitor your progress.
  • Learn to correctly identify and track which changes are most helpful to your recovery.  
  • Remember what you've learned about adrenal fatigue, and put those action points into action!

Get started today!  

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Bite-size action steps to set up a system that works for you. 

Customized to your particular situation.

Learn how and what to change in your life to reduce the effects of stress on your adrenal glands.

Identify the primary trigger areas for your adrenal fatigue:

*interpersonal conflicts?

*food sensitivities?

*sleep  problems?


How Much does it Cost?

Despite being advised to charge $27, $37, or even more, I want to keep the price at a point everyone can afford.  Even though it is apparently a very successful sales tactic to charge a huge price in order to imply value, it doesn't make sense to me that e-books should be so much more than print books!  Especially with a workbook, where you will be printing the pages yourself, I want to make sure that everyone who feels that this information will be useful to them is able to access it, and that cost is not the barrier keeping you from taking the first steps towards your recovery TODAY.


Even if there is only ONE idea inside that you want to use, I want you to feel it was worth the cost! Of course, I am confident that you will find more than one worksheet or idea that will help you on your journey to wellness, but I know everyone is in a different place with their adrenal fatigue, and not every person will need every worksheet included in this book.  THAT would be overwhelming!  But I give it all to you so that you can choose the parts that will give you the guidance you need to get from where you are to where you want to be.

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