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Looking for a doctor in NC.

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Aug 16, 2012
Adrenal Doctor in Savanna,Ga or WV
by: Cindy Woodward

I've battled thyroid issues for 30 years and have been diagonised with adrenal fatigue but been on supplements fro over a yr. Also going thru hormonal imbalances

Dec 16, 2011
Dr. Helen Yang in Chapel Hill
by: Anonymous

I highly reccomend Dr. Helen Yang at Synergy Family Medicine in Chapel Hill. She is the only doctor who has been able to help me with my adrenal fatigue. She is very knowledgable about which supplements to take and not take and always follows up with you in person; not through a nurse. She is covered under my insurance so I only have a small co-pay to cover for each visit. She will have you come in frequently, but I have found it worth the time to work with her. I tried on my own for a long time with various supplements, including the ones listed on this website, but couldn't quite figure out what my body needed. Turns out I can't take vitamin C as it causes my body to store iron. Would have never known that without Dr. Yang's help.

Feb 28, 2011
Adrenal Fatigue Doctor (reply)
by: Anonymous

Dr John Pittman at Carolina Center 919-571-4395 He is a little on the expensive side, but seems to be the best in town. If you can't afford him go see the docs at Beverly Medical Center. They are also very thorough(not to mention very kind) 919-844-4552
Hope this helps. Get well soon!

Jan 17, 2011
Seeking Adrenal Fatigue Dr. RTP-Chapel Hill-Raleigh
by: Anonymous

Seeking a Dr. Mother in Law new here in CH. Seeking a physician that can treat and support her. Diagnosed with Cushings Disease 20+ years ago

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