Woodstock, GA Adrenal Fatigue Doctor Review-Dr. David Lee

by Vartiak
(Marietta, GA)

Dr. Lee is a licensed Chiropractor and integrates alternative elements into his practice. While not an endocrinologist, he treats the body as a whole, yet focuses on the presenting symptom. I was able to make my first appointment quickly, waiting only 4 days. His first appointment practice includes treatments using all the modalities that he offers at a discounted price. After that you and he decide the frequency and which of the procedures you need. He believes that your body is yours, and you alone are the one to accept or reject "treatments". Be prepared to be an integral part of the healing process. Come to the office with questions and suggestions. Do not hesitate to ask questions or clarifications. He is on the cutting edge of many treatments and is a teacher of such. As so, he speaks quickly with a lot of information that may be new to you. You may want another person to accompany you to take notes/help listen. Great Dr/patient relationship. I don't have health insurance, so I'm not sure if he takes it or not. All the women that are on staff are very kind, patient, and helpful. I believe his hours are 8/30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday-Thursday. He doesn't appear to over-book, and I have never waited very long to get in for my appointments. When you book your first appointment, be sure to ask for the approximate time it will take. I think I was there for about 3 hours the first time due to the consultation and the facilitation of the many treatments that he offers.

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