Up and down, down and up with adrenal fatigue

by Liane

More like adrenal exhaustion. It comes and goes after 6 years of treating the condition. What works for me is lots of vitamin C (between 4 and 5000mg daily), adrenal rebuilder from Dr. Wilson, plenty of sleep, and, for type A personalities like me -- learning to not spend all of my energy by the end of every day. I'm wound pretty tight so if I don't feel exhausted by 8 or 9 at night, I don't feel like I've done all I could have for the day and will work harder the next. And the next. My inner drive needs to find a lower gear, otherwise no amount of supplements will dig me out of the big black hole of adrenal fatigue. Mine comes complete with hypoglocemia, total brain fog, zero energy. Takes 2 to 3 weeks to level out. I'm careful for a couple months then get cocky because I feel so good and start over-doing again. Longest I've ever gone symptom free is about 6 months. I now completely understand that this is a lifelong challenge, listening to the tiniest cues from my body and adjusting myself from there.

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