Unsure but...

For those of you who were diagnosed after a severe crash, along with other treatment and support therapies, how long were you on modified bedrest at home an unable to work at moderately physically demanding jobs? Also, what types of responses did you receive from employers and health insurance companies? During your recoveries were some of you considered "disabled" for insurance purposes? (Newly delivered moms are classified as "disabled" for their maternity leave - not meaning to imply labels or anything "bad", just using verbiage insurance companies use) Curious to hear from post menopausal patients if they had any symptoms esp those on ERT. Thank you for this forum.
I have been dumbstruck by a variety of symptoms and sadly recurrence of a potentially life threatening issue I have not had any problems with for 15 yrs.
God bless all of you and prayers for sustained recovery.

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Mar 15, 2019
Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Group on FB NEW
by: Anonymous

If you want a support group based on THOUSANDS of people getting the help and support they need join this group on Facebook: Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid Care. They have a VAST library of recommendations based on real people's experiences on the path to getting well. What to test for, how to get testing done yourself, what supplements to take. Help with your lab results -- what it is indicating -- Its a LIFE saver. I'm one year into my recovery after being diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue and having this group has saved me. Everyone on there is there for support and to support others.

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