Still trying to figure this out

by Holly in NC
(North Carolina)

I am 35(female) and I believe I am suffering from adrenal fatigue that was brought on after recovering from a mild case of COVID in August 2021. I have had adrenal fatigue before, so I recognize the symptoms, but this time it is soooo much worse! I have never been so tired, weak, sleep deprived and frustrated. I am feeling so terrible these days that I often can't even go to work or the grocery store. Every morning, I wake up too early (4-5am) in a soaking sweat and cant get back to sleep until it's time to get ready for work. I struggle through my morning routine while trying to fight the nausea, sweaty chills and hunger pangs that are making me lightheaded. I skip the coffee (can't handle it anymore) and have decaf tea (Holy Basil with Ashwagandha) and a small snack so I can take the anxiety meds. I often don't get out the door at all - another day ruined, another day in bed. I HATE this - it makes me feel lazy and pathetic, since nobody can see it or understand how it feels.

The insomnia and anxiety had become almost unbearable, so I had to see a doctor. I am now taking Trazodone (75 mg nightly) for insomnia and Propranolol (40-80mg daily) for the anxiety and panic attacks. They help with the symptoms, but I am still sick and desperate for relief, so I am now looking into natural remedies to help speed along recovery. I just bought a bottle of Raw Adrenal Glandular supplements to add to my growing supplement collection. I also take magnesium, supergreens capsules, lemon balm tincture, hawthorne tincture, and just started Active Adrenal Support tonic again. It has been a rough 2 months so far, and I am hoping the glandular supplements will work a little faster than this other stuff!

I am now considering trying a gluten-free diet for awhile to see if it helps. Anyone have experience with this and did it help you?

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