Seeking Adrenal Gland Doctor Northern California

by paul middlebrook
(santa rosa ca usa)

Seeking a specialist in Northern California. Reside in Sonoma County but willing to travel 120 miles to seek assistance. I'm at stage 3 of adrenal insufficiency and need guidance. I can be reached at 707.591.5194. or

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Nov 16, 2012
Great provider! Herbalist too!
by: Heidi

Gerald Camarata MD
95 Montgomery Dr Suite 100
Santa Rosa, CA USA 95404

This is my provider and he is currently treating me for Adrenal Fatigue due to Food Allergies.

He enjoys functional medicine and integrative health!

Feb 05, 2012
Adrenal Fatigue Doctor -Northern L.A. County
by: Anonymous

I am also in Northern L.A. County. I have seen Dr. Friedman who is very knowledgeable but due to his research demands cannot be considered for ongoing treatment. I would have to communicate via e-mail even if I was having difficulty with a Rx. When I complained to the staff they told me he had more serious cases than mine to deal with in the time he had available. Current endo just gives me thyroid Rx while ignoring adrenal fatigue. Someone please recommend a legitimate doc that takes insurance!

Sep 19, 2011
Environmental Dr in Los Altos, CA
by: Wendy

Dr. Deb Metzger was literally a lifesaver for me. She recognized my adrenal fatigue in 2006 when no one else was even looking for it. Unlike traditional doctors, she gives you one hour time slots, of her actual time. You sit in her office and talk about what is going on with you, then come up with a solution. It will take a few months and a lot of work to get back to good health, but you will be feeling a lot better in less time that what you have already been suffering. She is with Harmony Women's Health.

Aug 24, 2011
have you found anyone?
by: Elaine

I am also looking for an adrenal specialist in No Cal. I live in Lake COunty and have found that I know more about adrenal fatigue than my current doctor who really has no clue how to treat it.

Please stay in touch if you find anyone , I will too , my email address is

thank you and all the best,

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