Seeking Adrenal Fatigue Doctor in NJ or Eastern PA

by Lisa
(Merceer County, NJ)

I am seeking a compassionate patient-centered knowledgeable doctor who appreciates traditional and non-traditional treatments especially nutrition and vitamins. NJ or eastern PA, please, or via telephone consults.

Thank you!

lisaburke (at) catholic (dot) org

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May 12, 2012
holistic MD in Skillman/Mongomery NJ
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with adrenal burnout by a holistic MD in Skillman. She is a wonderful doctor, takes her time and explains you everything, you have to pay out of your pocket but your health does not have a price tag. Treatment is herbs, bio-identical hormones and supplements.
Her name is Deborah Ginsburg, her website:

Best of luck!

Aug 13, 2011
adrenal doctor
by: teresa trucksess

I found a doctor in Manahuakin NJ. He is treating me for adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid, hypoglacemia, hyperinsulism, low testasasorone, and anemia. He is treating me with supplements and bioidentical hormones. He does not work with insurance and is expensive but worth every penny. All regular doctors said I was fine when I knew otherwise. His name is Doctor Bartiss and his practice is called the institute of complimentary and alternative medicine. Look up his website which is extensive. Good luck!

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