Seattle, WA- looking for an adrenal specialist

by Susan
(Redmond, WA)

I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigues 3 months ago and am not seeing any improvement. I'm willing to travel an hour outside of Seattle.

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Aug 23, 2014
Amazing doc NEW
by: Anonymous

I too was seeing a traditional endo after being diagnosed with thyroid issues. His treatment wasn't helping. He eventually threw up his hands- it was clear I was on my own. I went to several Naturopaths, but none were quite skilled enough. I even tried UW ( they pretty much laughed at me- and I never went back) I also tried the Tahoma clinic and found myself explaining about thyroid issues. I was determined, but slightly defeated, until I found the Water's Edge Clinic in Seattle. Dr. Abrams is awesome! She never gets overwhelmed by multiple issues. She is easy to talk to. Best decision I ever made!

Mar 21, 2013
Adrenal Fatigue Specialists NEW
by: Pushpa Larsen, ND

The Tahoma Clinic in Renton, WA has a number of MDs and NDs who are specialists in helping people restore adrenal health (among other health concerns). The are headed up by Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, a giant in the restorative medicine world, who personally trains all the doctors in his clinics. Dr. Wright is the author of many books on health restoration as well as a monthly newsletter, and wrote the forward to Dr. Wilson's book on adrenal fatigue. The Tahoma Clinic in Renton is his flagship clinic, and patients literally come from all over the world to see the doctors there. The Tahoma Clinic North, in north Seattle, run by Dr. Wendy Ellis, ND, was opened about two years ago, and Tahoma Clinic East, in Redmond, WA is overseen by Dr. Gaston (first name) whose last name I can't remember, who is a surgeon as well as a practitioner of restorative medicine. Dr. Wright meets weekly with the doctors of all three clinics and the lab to review research and cases, so the docs there always have the benefit of additional minds and ideas to provide the best for their patients. I highly recommend them. I do not work in there, but work in a related company, Meridian Valley Lab, so have the opportunity to see and work with these dedicated and skilled physicians close at hand, I would send my own family members to them. Learn more about Dr. Wright and the Tahoma Clinic at

Sep 13, 2012
Something else to Consider NEW
by: Kathy

I have adrenal fatigue/high RT3 and feel terrible for years now. My kids are showing the same symptoms for years now. Recently I have taken them to a alt. Dr. and I mentioned to the Dr that we have mold in our basement, attic and the bathroom that has a shower in it. He said that probably WAS the reason for our health issues. Please anyone who has any amount of mold in their home please go to or youtube and look at Dr Ritchie Shoemaker's discoveries. 25% of people have a genetic defect who can't detox the toxins and need a special protacol to follow and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!!!! He mentions chronic fatigue, fibrmialgia as a toxic body!!! and has healed many that got their lives back!

Sep 12, 2012
Helpful Adapagens from Bastyr NEW
by: Anonymous

I feel like I am finally making some progress as of the last month. I initially got tons of test that showed low aldosterone and western medicine said "boy, I don't know" after 1000s of dollars of tests. That is what I have read from others going through conventional medicine. The tests just don't show enough of a deviation from normal to account for the severity of the symptoms I am feeling.

Recently, I went to Bastyr University's doctors in Carnation (at the senior center for $8 per appointment). They use it as a training session for their interns and last time I got two doctors and an intern. Great way to get some brainstorming session going.

They put me on Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health product. Within 4 days, most of my symptoms went away. I had more energy, less of the 'insatiable thirst', and almost a full nights sleep.!!

After two weeks, I started to get manic feelings and went back for another visit. They checked all my vitamins and other supplements that I was taking and told me that two of them had stimulants in them (vitamins and vegetable powder). They told me some alternatives to take and a few days later, I am back on a normal feeling.

I really believe that they have the answers. They are experts on nutrition and the endocrine system is driven by herbs, vitamins and minerals. With the right support, it can heal itself.

The "Adrenal Health" product, it stimulates the adrenals, levels cortisol, and supplements the endocrine system so the adrenals don't need to carry the whole load.

This is the second time that Bastyr has helped me turn the corner where regular doctors just shrugged. I have been fooled before with false hope, but I haven't felt this good for 6 weeks in a row without an episode in years.

Sep 12, 2012
Need Doctor in Seattle NEW
by: Tina

I have been suffering from adrenal insufficiency for the past year and desperately need to find an adrenal doctor in the Seattle area.

I've seen many endocrinologists and all the tests have been done, it is clear I have adrenal/hormonal problems, yet no one is helping me.

One finally put me on steroids which have helped tremendously, despite their side effects, but this is minimal help to the big picture.

I've even been enrolled to the University of Washington Medical Center team for months now and have seen the "top dog" in Endocrinology who laughs all of my symptoms off as being depressed. Depression is just one of the many symptoms that goes along with this illness, as I'm sure most of you can agree.

If anyone can recommend a doctor, even a natural or holistic one will do, but I'm really looking for a medical doctor, mainly an endocrinologist, anyone who has helped treat you with your adrenal issues, please please please share your information!

I feel like I'm going crazy and need help now.

Thank you.

May 14, 2012
Thyroid system: Maybe not adrenal glands NEW
by: Kathy

I would highly recommend everyone to read the information about Wilson's Temperature Syndrome (not wilson's disease) I am a sufferer for many years of fatigue which I thought and was convinced was adrenal fatigue. Now I am questioning that after reading about the Wilson's Temperature Protocol. At they have a free book you can read there about it. It is VERY INTERESTING! I am now looking for a dr who treats this and I will give an update. People have been healed of fatigue and fibromyalgia. I hope this helps people get their lives back.

May 14, 2012
Seattle adrenal help NEW
by: Colleen

Two places I have heard of. Tahoma clinic. Yes. Spelled this way. Highly recommended. Also found waters edge in seattle. I have struggled for 6+ years. I have tried everything. Even pure hydracortisol 3 mg per day. But I also have fibro myalgia/fatigue.

May 08, 2012
ACTH and Adrenals NEW
by: Mike in Monroe

From what I understand, the adrenals are part of the HPA (Hypothalmus - Pituitary - Adrenals) axis that forms a control loop for your hormones. Any one of those can cause the problem and be fatigued for the same reason (burned out). I just got a whole set of endocrine tests and my aldosterone was low (controls salt/potassium balance) and my cortisol was very high - almost 30 (controls the blood sugar). They gave me dexomethozone which also generates glucose (same thing as cortisol) so it should turn off the cortisol and it did (they were expecting 2 and it went down to 4). I think the ACTH test is what they do for low cortisol values.

I still think I have adrenal fatigue (for over a year now), even though the adrenals adapt to the hormone from the pituitary (ACTH or Dexamethesone). I have another set of tests in about a week to decide if I should see an endocrinologist or not. The last set was in the middle of recovering from a crash, this set should be from a more normal condition.

I am curious what your endocrinologist has to say. I think from what I have heard, that the tests show close to normal when you still feel terrible and they don't know what to do.

The most relief I have found is from targeting the amount (and what) I eat to what my body needs and consistent sleep patterns. If I eat too much protein, I can get extremely tired, toxic and cloudy headed. If I don't eat enough, I am weak from not enough nutrition (and light headed). I feel like I keep hitting guard rails and occasionally hit the magic combination and feel normal.


May 08, 2012
It's secondary adrenal fatigue NEW
by: Susan

WOW- after a year of treating "phase 3 adrenal fatigue" it turns out my adrenals are NOT the problem!
I pleaded with my ND after I wasn't getting any better from the adrenal support meds and she told me about the ACTH Stimulation Test and referred me to an Endocrinologist to perform it. The results of that test showed that my adrenals work fine WHEN they get my next step is to figure out why my pituitary gland is NOT making ACTH! I AM going to get to the bottom of this eventually.

Thanks for everyone's responses...and regarding Dr. Lam- I emailed him MONTHS ago and never got a response.

I will keep you all posted on my progress.

May 06, 2012
adrenal fatigue dr in wa NEW
by: kathy

You have one of the best Drs there in seatle. He has a website he is an expert. he has a lot of articles and videos there.

Feb 13, 2012
Bastyr University NEW
by: Mike in Monroe

I have found some help from the Bastyr clinic. They have a training clinic in Fall City at the senior center on Fridays and it only costs $8 per visit.

Since a lot of it is nutrition and they are the experts, many of the symptoms can be treated naturally.

They recognize it as a problem when western medicine says you are 'normal' and sends you home.


Feb 10, 2012
Still no improvement.... NEW
by: Susan

I've been seeing the same person that was treating me before I posted the last time. She's switched my meds around several times but still no improvement. I would really like to find someone else who I can see and get a second opinion. I'm so tired. I can't sleep and just getting on here takes so much effort. I'm still searching for someone and am willing to travel even further than an hour for help!

Oct 12, 2011
Seeking adrenal specialist near Kirkland WA
by: Wendy

Hi Susan,

Three months is newborn status in the world of adrenal fatigue. I've been going to a womens' clinic in woodinville and have tried a few options without much success so I am going outside to find someone. Please let me know if you find someone.

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