New adrenal glandular by Natural Sources?


I am new to Adrenal Glandulars. I called NCNM (National College of Natural Medicine) in Portland to see if they stocked Isocort and was disappointed to hear it is off the market. Levoxyl and Estrotone last year and now Isocort.

What I want to tell all you folks is that I discovered at Whole Foods a "NEW" (in a red burst on the label) product by Natural Sources called "Raw Adrenal". I cautiously took 1/2 capsule several hours ago and have my fingers crossed that this may help. It was the only such product there and I was told by one clerk that they had nothing. I bought some other tonics, left the store to my car, stopped and went back in. I talked to another clerk and searched the shelves again and BEHOLD (!) there it was, one single slot almost hidden, but just what I was looking for.

Reading this page, I was hoping to see some reviews on this product. There are none, so I am assuming it is too new on the market and I want to alert anyone interested. Sounds like quite a few are looking for an Isocort replacement and maybe this will fill the bill.

I am at my wit's end trying to get professional help for over a year, which has been less than zero. My last GP went into a rage because I asked for a 24 hour urine test. She flatly refused and cancelled my future appointment because I visited NCNM. I have seen endocrinologists, been refused by new endos, saw my oncologist who ordered a PET scan and on and on. Don't want to bore you with more details.

It is somewhat comforting to see that I am not alone in this thyroid/adrenal nightmare.

Good luck and best wishes to all you fellow sufferers.

Richard Shames' book "feeling fat, fuzzy,or frazzled?" has been the only real help I have found. It has been a guide that I presented to the team at NCNM. They have been working with me as I am attempting to follow Shames' program. He describes EXACTLY what I have been and continue to go through.

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Apr 16, 2018
Adrenal exhaustion NEW
by: Andrew

I took one of these and it felt like a caffein overdose. Albeit was only an hour after my morning coffee. If I take this again it’ll be in place of any other caffein. I don’t think this stuff is good for the adrenal glands.

Mar 04, 2015
Natural Sources Raw Adrenal-GMO free?
by: Anonymous

The last ingredient is Maltodextrin (Corn derived). Doesn't mention if its GMO corn or not? However swanson vitamins has it listed under their non-GMO products.

Sep 04, 2014
I started taking Natural Sources too
by: AE

I started Raw Adrenal by Natural Sources about 2 weeks ago. I started first with just adaptogenic herbs and felt good and then noticed that after a few days, I was back to feeling terrible again so I decided to take the plunge with a glandular product. This makes a HUGE difference for me. I feel motivated, energetic, have clearer thought processes and the sugar cravings and constant hunger are almost completely gone. I do worry, however, about my body becoming dependent on this. I don't want my body to not bother making cortisol because it is being received from an outside source. So, I try to switch up the times that I take it each day and if possible, skip a day every couple of days. Also, if I take a dosage too late in the day, I feel too energetic at night to settle down and go to sleep and also wake up in the middle of the night. So, I try to take it as early in the morning as possible or only take 1 pill instead of 2. I also supplement with liposomal Vit C, dermal magneseum, zinc, B vitamins and Ashwagandha.

Aug 28, 2014
stopping adrenals
by: Anonymous

can you stop freeze dried adrenal treatment without side effects

Aug 14, 2014
You are not alone
by: Josey

Who would have thought those little pills helped so much. And, yes, first levoxyl. My doctor prescribed hydrocortisone, then another veg cortisol from natural pharmacy. The hydrocortisone is better, neither good. Still in bed four times a day from exhaustion. Just got my Reverse T3 back - it's high at 28. I have Hashimotos TSH is .01 (low) T3 and T4 are within range. What this all means and how they adjust my meds, I don't think they even know.

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