need adrenal doctor on long island?

by t
(long island)

live on long island and need a top rated doctor. my hormone level came back very high. they said adrenal gland. still need to get more information from doctor. right now by phone told me to find endocrinologist.

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Feb 23, 2019
Adrenal gland staying in place after tumor is extracted
by: Anonymous

Is it possible to remove an adrenal gland tumor with out taking out the whole adrenal gland?

Apr 04, 2017
Andrea. also Dr help on Long Island
by: Anonymous

Is there anyone out there that can help? I'm getting sicker by the day. If anyone knows where I can go for help it would be greatly appreciated.

Feb 26, 2017
Where are the doctors on Long Island to test for adrenal fatigue
by: Anonymous

I have had it, why is it so difficult to get testing on Long Island for adrenal fatigue, This should all be here. Is this the only way, sending away ourselves for salvia testing, then I assume they send a response to you what is going on?? Thank you. End any help I can get!!!

Sep 05, 2016
Night sweats and hot flashes
by: Anonymous

I really need to see either adrenal doctor or gland specialist.
Can you refer me to either of these doctors on long island.

Editor's Note: The owner of this website is not a doctor, and cannot provide referrals. Nor can we vouch for any of the doctors mentioned in the reviews by visitors. Readers will have to contact any doctors mentioned directly, and do their own due diligence in determining whether or not the physician is a good fit for their own situation.

May 02, 2016
Adrenal fatigue doctor on Long Island
by: Anonymous

Hi all,
I just got the saliva test results back and I need to find a doctor that will know how to treat this low cortisol. The doctor that ordered the test would like me to wait and see. I feel that I need someone with more experience so that I can feel better sooner. Thanks so much for any help-I really appreciate it. Please email me at:

Apr 03, 2016
Great doctor in Rockville Centre
by: Anonymous

Good doctor for adrenals, Candida, & thyroid is Dr. Mitchell's group.

May 06, 2012
Adrenal fatigue dr and saliva test kits-NY
by: Kathy

Hi, There is a wellness center in Glen Cove, NY and The dr who heads that up is dr linchitz. It is $5oo for first visit then cheaper for the rest of visits. If you just want a saliva test in NY you can go to and the DC there will send you a test kit (he has a list of different ones listed on his site. You pay for the kit and phone consult up front. If you go to see him he will charge you each time you go in. He can't help you with adrenal fatigue as far as perscritions. Hope this helps everyone.

Apr 08, 2012
looking for LI doctor too
by: Anonymous

Hi -
Seems we are all looking for the same thing. If anyone can recomment a Long Island doctor that can assist with a natural approach for Adrenal Fatigue, I would LOVE a recommendation. Please e-mail me @

Thank YOU !!

Mar 26, 2012

did anyone have any luck> please email me - also how did u get your hormone levels tested? i am looking for the saliva test but in NY it cannot be mailed out.

Mar 01, 2012
Dr needed
by: Anonymous

Need a dr ASAP as well please email me

Feb 19, 2012
Adrenal Doctor on Long island, NY
by: Anonymous

Were you able to locate a doctor on Long island to treat your adrenal issue? If so, would you please email me this info? Desperately trying to find the right doctor. Thank you.

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