My road to recovery

by Veronique

I suggest the book Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger, MD. Gives and explanation as to why diseases even auto-immune diseases start with an unhealthy gut, tells you what to take for supplements and a diet plan. Recipes are gluten free and dairy free.

I have been taking the line of supplements from Dr. Wilson's and they have been working main symptom from adrenal fatigue, was of course fatigue (addicted to caffeine), could sleep 10 hours and still wake up so exhausted. Extreme hair loss was my worse nightmare as a female. I had been loosing large amounts for about a year and half. When I started with the supplements from Dr. Wilson it all stopped within a few days. I swear by it! I am so grateful to have finally found something that works ( I did unfortunately waste a lot of money before I found these).

I take enzymes to help break down my food and digest better. I had extreme bloating ( looked literally six months pregnant and would get asked when I was due) and a good probiotic. For energy I have been drinking chlorophyll ( green from plants and tastes minty) in my water or smoothies from the clean gut book.

I am a mom of three young girls so I had been in the habit for taking care of everyone else before myself, but not anymore. I am more balanced now in my expectations of myself. I get more rest and I don't expect everything on my to-do list to get done as fast. I had problems in my marriage for years which is one of the main reasons for my stress, I had been going to therapy which helped a lot, but the biggest game changer in that department was a book called The 5 Love Languages. Helped make our 13th year of marriage the best of them all!

So if anyone else has been suffering from the same symptoms I had been, I swear by all these things. I am also open to suggestions but so far I feel I am on the road to recovery!

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