Much better 9 months later

like a spring coiled in your belly, when adrenals collapse you lose your umph! it was important for me to work on 3 areas... core strength, build up your core muscles from the lowest (do a kegal squeeze) to the highest. Your core holds all your spiritual and emotional power and it needs to be very strong to contain all that we gather in our life.
The second area is the heart and to be careful with emotional output. Also it's necessary to work devotionally on your spirituality as this suffers when core strength is lost.
Think positive momentum's, take it easy on yourself. Do not yield...

You will recover, just spend time in nature, good food, strong core, spirituality, some supplements, stay positive, stay away from negative situations, sleep in, rock salt in the morning in some water, i also have a few drops of nascent iodine in a glass.

Find exercise you like doing, take up hobbies, reignite your interests, stay happy and positive!

Every day baby steps and in the weeks and months to come you will see an improvement and heal.

take care :)

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Jun 29, 2018
Thank you NEW
by: Anonymous

I appreciate and value your positive encouragement. Reading some who have been suffering for years can make it more dreadful being in the unkown of how long I have to spend recovering. This encouragement is.uplifting and I appreciate your sharing it.

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