Michigan, Ann Arbor. Highly Recommend - Dr. Tony Boggess

by Cynthia
(Ann Arbor, MI)

I highly recommend Dr. Tony Boggess for Adrenal Fatigue. His clinic phone number is 734-929-2696. **UPDATED NUMBER**

Last year I took my my teenage son to see Dr. Boggess on advice from my brother. After spending 90 minutes with us, Dr. Boggess lovingly said "I think you need my help as much as your son does from all the stress you've experienced." That was the beginning of getting my life back! After initial testing, we discovered I suffered from Adrenal Exhaustion, which we figured, based on symptoms, I had been suffering in one form or the other for over 25 years. My life has changed so much for the better now. With natural strategies, he helped me get off Prozac which I had been taking for 15 years. I am now able to get up at 5:30 every morning and face a hectic day, whereas before I could hardly pull myself out of bed by 11:00. I have more energy than ever, and I have new hope for my future. I really can't believe all he has done and continues to do for our family.

C :)

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Jan 14, 2018
Great clinic, looks at genetics to solve adrenal puzzle
by: Anonymous

Great doc, great clinic! Came from Miami on recommendation from a friend! What I appreciate most about this clinic is that by being careful, not jumping to conclusions, and using medical testing they found out what other clinics, even big named docs like Lam did not and could not. They even evaluated my nighttime oxygen and sleep with equipment they shipped to Florida before I even came to Ann Arbor. Conclusion: I’ve got much bigger problems to address than my Adrenal exhaustion. Turns out I have a genetic issue with making neurochemicals for sleep and that my lack of quality sleep for years is what caused my adrenal exhaustion rather than vice versa or "too much stress" from running a large company, etc. These ideas about stress and sleep were literally drilled into me by so many other docs, chiros, naturopaths, etc., over the years. Well two months in, they were wrong, Boggess was right and I’m feeling better AND that is worth telling others about. Looking at genetics is really what this clinic is about, not just treating adrenal fatigue. This along with educating patients to the tune of a couple of 3 hour group educational lectures over 2 days, another multi hour private visits with the doc looking at labs, brain scans, genetics, etc; and then several other visits giving basic nutrients prior to going anywhere near the Adrenals. This team of docs led by Boggess is nothing short of amazing but I pondered the time commitment and sat on the decision much longer than I should have. My rec, go all in IF you’re sick of the run around with lesser approaches, but steer clear if you’re looking for something more basic. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Turns out it’s exactly what I needed, but had I not tried lesser approaches and failed, I don’t think I would have ever signed up for this program.

Mar 07, 2017
adrenal fatigue and nerve damage
by: Anonymous

I would really like to hear from Janeen M who suffered from drop foot and nerve damage from adrenal fatigue. How did your treatment go? were you under neurologists as well?

Or indeed anyone else who has had drop foot and nerve damage from Adrenal fatigue


Oct 23, 2016
Dear Anonymous (10/23/16)
by: Owner, Adrenal Fatigue Recovery

Congratulations on taking the initiative to find some answers for yourself and your mom! Educating yourself is one of the best things you can do.

I just wanted to let you know that this is not a direct way to contact Dr. Boggess and clarify that this website is not affiliated with him or any other doctor, so you will need to contact his office directly if you are interested in working with him. Contact information is available in the original post, as well as with a web search.

Also see the July 23, 2013 comment below from his office where there is more detail on steps to becoming a patient with their clinic.

Oct 22, 2016
help me please
by: Anonymous

I am a 20 year old and I live a stressful life to me. I feel as if my emotions are exaggerated a lot over little things. I gained so much weight I'm at 280 now and just need help before it gets worse. I have been watching so many documentaries and videos about what I may have. It's either cushing's syndrome/ disease or adrenal. I have a buffalo hump and may have a tumor pituitary or adrenal glands. Please help me. my mom may have it too and don't know.

Sep 10, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hi K.. I can only say that working with this doc has really upped the bar for me in terms of what is possible with attention to detail. He ordered multiple pertinent tests based on my first visit, including a 40 page genetic assessment (all of which were largely covered by my insurance) and then literally drilled into the details with me for over 3 hours! What doctor out there gives this kind of service, even when desperate people like us are lined up willing to pay for it? I was done for due to my work in the corporate world, and he literally brought me back to life in 3 months. He charges hourly for his time, but worth every cent IMO. Also his 3 hour group talk is literally one of the best and most important talks I have ever attended. Have since referred two other business associates and they think the same. He really seems to be offering what desperate patients need... time, careful consideration, and full review of details. So I'd go for it before his practice closes shut!

Jul 01, 2014
Need Help
by: Kayannc

Anxiety, Depression, fatigue at times: Is this Adrenal Fatigue or low Gaba or... or... or... or could it be all of the above. I am on Pamelor (20 years) and seeing a doctor who has me on hormone replacement cream after blood work and saliva test. (I'm 69 and past menopause.) He didn't mention Adrenal Fatigue. I take many excellent supplements and have read Dr. Wilson's book and some of Dr. Boggess' papers on AF. My grandson is a patient of Dr. B so I know much about how he works and would like to be able to afford to go to him. My anxiety level is off the charts at times and sleep varies from 9 hours straight to 4 hours at a time. Do I work from Dr. Wilson's book or do I try to find the $$$ somewhere?

Jul 23, 2013
Useful Q&A for interested patients
by: Natural Balance Clinic

Dear potential patient

Because of Dr. Boggess growing popularity working with Fatigue (Adrenal or otherwise), our clinic is getting a large volume of calls requesting basic information about how Dr. Boggess approaches this condition.

We suggest starting with the following basic Q&A and/or visiting our website(nbwellness.com) prior to calling.

We sincerely hope this helps answer some of your basic questions

Q:How does Dr. Boggess treat Adrenal and/or HPA (Hypothalamus, Adrenal, Pituitary) axis fatigue?

A:Using the 10-step Natural Balance Program he developed:

1. First rule out other causes and confirm the problem. (Not all fatigue is adrenal or hormonal)
2. Provide eduction regarding lifestyle corrections and reduction of emotional, physical, environmental-toxic and dietary stressors
3 Begin the “phase 1 protocol” including going to bed before the second wind, limiting simple sugars after 3 pm, and eating an adrenal healthy diet
4. Correct salt/water balance (i.e. reduce urinary frequency, altered thirst mechanisms, electrolyte/magnesium imbalance and improve dehydration)
5. Normalize blood sugar, reactive hypoglycemia, and nutritional tissue resistance (an essential step prior to starting supplements)
6. Support or suppress cortisol/adrenalin (stress hormones) depending on what stage the body is in (I, II, or III) NOTE: trying to adjust cortisol/adrenalin when blood sugar is volatile is like trying to get into a car traveling 60 miles/hr – it’s not possible
7. Start adrenal specific supplements according to individual needs and specific presentation of Adrenal (or HPA) imbalance
8. Support hormone balance using low dose DHEA and Pregnenolone (avoiding direct hormone replacement)
9. If needed continue with healing the digestive system and replenishing inhibitory neurotransmitters to correct sleep and mood problems such as anxiety, depression, substance cravings, insomnia, etc.
10. Discharge instructions including long-term, lifestyle, health and wellness strategies to prevent future problems. (There are multiple genetic predisposition associated with fatigue conditions–so education and awareness is essential to live a full and happy life.)

Q:How long does Dr. Boggess program take to complete?
A: Normally a patient will be on supplements and restrictive diets for approximately 6-8 months, possibly a year, generally not longer

Q:Has Dr. Boggess written any books or articles that will help me understand his approach?
A:YES. He is in the process of writing a book on the health consequences of chronic stress, but until that is finished, reading the following article is recommended (http://nbwellness.com/topics/stress-recovery/) prior to your first appointment with Dr. Boggess

Jun 30, 2013
Chronic Pain & Fatigue:
by: Anonymous

I came to Dr. Boggess in a desperate state on recommendation from a close friend. My body was worn out from multiple problems, including nerve damage, “drop foot” and chronic regional pain. I was depressed, couldn’t sleep and was in awful pain. I was no longer the energetic, happy person I was prior to body trauma. I was relying on sleeping pills and pain medications to get through my days and nights. From my first appointment in his office and multiple phone consultations thereafter, I felt I was in good hands. We set forth a plan to heal my adrenals and get me back to a natural sleep cycle. Soon I began to sleep better, wake up refreshed and maintained surprisingly good energy throughout the day. Now I am free of sleep and pain medications, something I did not believe was possible at first. It requires commitment to incorporate his recommendations. It involves being organized and diligent, but the results are worth the effort.
I don’t live near Dr. Boggess, but as an out-of-state patient we worked together over the phone weekly, then monthly until we achieved our goal. I saw steady progression with each step of treatment. Ultimately, we were able to hit the “re-set” button and I have now regained a sense of how I used to feel before all the medical problems happened. I highly recommend him.
Janeen M. - Charlotte, North Carolina

Nov 09, 2012
Wow! Didn't believe it was possible...
by: Patty C

At the suggestion of a good friend in Oregon, we consulted with Dr. Boggess about my husbands worsening headaches, fatigue, digestive problems,alcohol cravings, and failing health. He is a stressed executive in the California and has been progressively falling apart. After one face to face with Dr. Boggess and a few phone consults he has done more for my husband and our family than a half a dozen standard and alternative doctors in So Cal over the last 5 years. Can't comment on the cost of his tests, we had come to his clinic with far more tests than he said he needed that cost us a small fortune. But the most blessed fact is that he truly knows what do with the results and he is truly passionate about pulling people out of the dumps--that was clear in the first half hour. We have never spent that kind of time with a doctor who can explain everything in simple language we could understand. What we leaned in that first visti gave my husband so much hope and motivation to heal. We are now 5 "steps" into his treatment plan, my husband is doing everything Dr. Boggess has asked him to do (which is a small miracle itself) and he's like a new man!!! Every other doctor we dealt with scratched the surface with a few supplements and wanted to see us every 2-3 months. We were amazed that after our 3 month wait Dr. Boggess told us he would be talking briefly over the phone with us every two weeks until Dan felt better! Apparently he limits his practice to be able to do this. We are so grateful.

Sep 08, 2012
A little worried about costs
by: Anonymous

I just saw Dr. Bogess yesterday. I was relieved to see someone who actually "got" it for a change. All my regular drs. don't even acknowledge adrenal fatigue and how it can affect Thyroid disorders. I am hopeful he can help me as I too have probably been trying to do this myself using the internet and it's WAY too confusing.

I already had a saliva cortisol test that showed I was low across the board. (I ordered that myself) That helped in terms of getting a jump start with him. My concern is costs however as NOW....he does NOT participate with BCBS like others had posted on here previously. I am not sure how much that is going to mean for me price wise. Esp. with the amounts of tests he has ordered. I am also going to see the other dr. in his practice which still does participate with BCBS for the Tyroid issues...

I have high hopes but will wait until I see how it all works out before I go with the 5 stars..

May 12, 2012
by: CC

Oh forgot to mention I did the calculations of what I've spent on test over the last few years with other doctors, naturopaths, nutritionist, etc. All the test Dr. B ordered, which are far more comprehensive than what has been done in the past is also many times less expensive. Because we can use the health insurance programs with Dr. B, 1000s of dollars worth of testing can be done for 100s. I think this is because of the specific test Dr. B uses and apparently because of the relationship he has with the testing companies.

I also found out recently that a lot of "out-of-pocket" test are up charged by non-physicians (i.e. they profit from them) and they are never eligible to submit them to insurance like Dr. B does. So all in all, I'm really sorry for the early complaining. Even though the kits are a hassle, they are worth their weight in gold, and if I would have just started with Dr. B rather than the naturopaths, etc, I'd have easily a couple thousand dollars more to put towards the "right track I'm on now" Oh well, you live,you learn...


May 12, 2012
by: CC

Oh forgot to mention I did the calculations of what I've spent on test over the last few years with other doctors, naturopaths, nutritionist, etc. All the test Dr. B ordered, which are far more comprehensive than what has been done in the past is also many times less expensive. Because we can use the health insurance programs with Dr. B, 1000s of dollars worth of testing can be done for 100s. I think this is because of the specific test Dr. B uses and apparently because of the relationship he has with the testing companies.

I also found out recently that a lot of "out-of-pocket" test are up charged by non-physicians (i.e. they profit from them) and they are never eligible to submit them to insurance like Dr. B does. So all in all, I'm really sorry for the early complaining. Even though the kits are a hassle, they are worth their weight in gold, and if I would have just started with Dr. B rather than the naturopaths, etc, I'd have easily a couple thousand dollars more to put towards the "right track I'm on now" Oh well, you live,you learn...


May 12, 2012
I'll give 5 stars too...
by: Cee C

Thanks Claire!

I know this all deep down and Dr. B IS doing the most complete evaluation I've every had (And I've been anxious and fatigued for years) More complete, thoughtful, and sensible than all other standard and alternative doctors I've worked with over the last 5 years. So I'll take back my 4 stars and give Dr. B 5 stars too...

He says these are all the test I'll likely need because my feeling better is the only evidence needed that things are correcting. Says all the testing just allows him to start 200 miles further down the road -- or something like this. (BTW I wonder if he uses the same explanations for most his patients--seems practiced and well thought out) Bird vs cow, deer being chased by a tiger.) These explanations really helped me understand the complexities of the Adrenals, my Fight or Flight response and my genetics just waiting to happen when I reached my tipping point.

Oh speaking of "Fight or Flight" isn't it good to know that we aren't his "tough cases." There was a little boy with autism in the waiting room my last visit bouncing off the walls and the mom, who looked totally exhausted, just looked at me and said, yeah Dr. B is helping us both with this and I smiled and said yeah he's hopefully going to help me too. Then they were called to see Dr. B and bounced down the hall to get weighed. I started to think, when I feel anxious from all the adrenalin rushing through me I'd like to act that way too if people wouldn't look at me funny.


May 11, 2012
Testing, Testing
by: Anonymous

Hi Cee C,

I also recently got started with Dr. Boggess and am still in the middle of testing. (What fun, collecting your own poop and mailing it in, huh? Blaah.) I am also pretty sure I have AF, and have read a pretty good deal about the subject.

I just wanted to bring up a point that because adrenal fatigue is a pretty complex, multi-system-affecting condition, there will likely be hidden deficiencies and imbalances which the various labs will bring to light--side problems which have developed while your body suffered from these adrenal problems, which are now contributing to the problem of adrenal fatigue as well, in a feedback-loop sort of way. It's important to track down these hidden imbalances in order to treat you in a way that actually makes you get better for real.

If you start doing treatment before you are done taking all of the labs (urine, stool, saliva, possibly bloodwork), the treatment and supplements will start to alter your body's physiology and keep you from getting a clear picture of what is actually disordered.

Sorry for the frustration; I know you want to feel better sooner! This is just my understanding of why he might be holding back right now. I wish you the very best and that you will start feeling better very soon. I know how hard it is to have a health problem that most people don't understand or acknowledge.

Holding you in the light,

May 11, 2012
Why so many tests?
by: Cee C

Hi all,

I was blown away by my first visit with Dr.B. Left the office with a mini pHD on the topic...

He clearly has a passion for fatigue, chemical sensitivity, and mood. (And how it all fits together). My only question is why does he need the results from all the tests before he moves forward. Dr. Lam's website for example says these test aren't very useful. I feel horrible, can hardly function. But he'd like to wait until I've at least submitted saliva, urine, "poop" before he is willing to move forward (won't even let me drink salt water which makes me feel better). The questionnaires (all 3 of them), Dr. Bs paper on the topic and Dr. Wilson's book are all a perfect match. Because I have good insurance all this testing only amounts to a couple hundred dollars expense, but still, I have AF, I know it, so why not get me started on the protocols. I've seen so many other doctors and he is kind of repeating what they've done already before moving forward with what apparently makes him unique... Just wan't to feel better yesterday... signed impatient

Apr 27, 2012
by: Claire

Thanks, Anonymous, for your helpful comments! It is encouraging to hear from someone who is further into the "marathon".

I saw Dr. Boggess for the 1st time a couple weeks ago and having been working through a matrix of lab tests ever since. I am excited to soon have the steps to life improvement get underway.

I'm really grateful for someone like Dr. Boggess who seems to know so much about this (it seems to be one of his primary concerns in life). I'm also nervous about the time and money I'll be investing into this effort (it's a big investment). But ultimately, it helps to know that adrenal-focused treatment has made a difference for so many other people, w/the health problems that had weighed them down...I will trust and hope it will do so for me.

Fingers crossed,

Apr 25, 2012
Re questions
by: Anonymous

Dr. Boggess spends a lot of time with you! My first visit with him after a 3 month wait was over 80 minutes. After that visit I left with a lot of hope, I desperately needed. He explained nearly everything I was experiencing in terms I could actually understand. He then works with you at twice a month until you are feeling much better and each of those visits are 30-45 minutes. What he asks a person to do is complex (definitely a marathon, not a sprint). Frankly I can't believe He still takes insurance... Most doctors that work with patients like he does won't even bother. Anyhow, I think you can call the office to find what his fees are without insurance. I'm thankful he takes my insurance BCBS PPO. I have seen him 8 times and I'm feeling at least 40% better. My blood sugar is under control and I'm finally sleeping through the week and my PMS is down, and sex drive is back. I know this is going to work! I thank God for docs like him...

Mar 23, 2012
Questions about Dr. Boggess
by: Claire

I am considering see Dr. Boggess for adrenal fatigue recovery and I have a few questions. Maybe someone who has already been one of his patients for this can help. Even answers to 1 question would help!

a) How frequently did you have appointments with him, and for how long of a period of your life, in order to reach recovery? (Ie: Once a month for 12 months?) I may be paying out of pocket and am trying to calculate the costs.

b) How often did Dr. Boggess run labs, and how much did those cost? (particularly out-of-pocket)

c) If your insurance does participate with Dr. Boggess, what insurance company is it, and are they actually willing to cover treatment and labs for adrenal fatigue? (I know that this is a controversial diagnosis and so may not always be covered).

Thank you SO MUCH for your help!

Jan 25, 2012
Adrenals -- Mood -- Hashimoto's Thyroid
by: Tanja

One word -- relief! Dr. Boggess is the doctor I've searched for for nearly a year. After other doctors dismissing my symptoms, diagnosing me bipolar, or throwing up their arms over all the "side effects" I was having on supplements & "cures" -- I was left overwhelmed by an abyss of conflicting information on the Internet & no hope for my future. For the first time in my adult life, I realize I don't have to live with sleepless nights, stress, fatigue, anxiety, and the entire vortex of other nearly debilitating symptoms I've been left with after years of physical and emotional trauma. Most importantly, I can live better in the remaining part of my life than I ever have. In one 80 minute visit, every symptom I've had over the last 15 years was acknowledged and explained. The body is an intricate web that can unravel, mend, and masterfully respin itself. Dr. Boggess truly understands these mechanisms for healing. It takes 2-3 months for a new patient visit, but the waiting list is quick & follow-up appointments frequent & very personal. Adrenal fatigue and autoimmune issues are treatable conditions, not lifelong burdens!

Sep 14, 2011
Great stess doctor!
by: Carrie

Dr. Boggess has much to offer those suffering from stress. (I had so many problems that I didn't know about and other drs dismissed all of them collectively that dr. boggess explained as being related to stress--of course! He wrote an article that caught my attention and so I went in, just wish I would have done so years ago. Here is the article: http://nbwellness.com/?page_id=237

Hope it helps others as much as it helped me.


Aug 20, 2011
New phone number - 734-929-2696
by: NBW Staff

At the request of one of our patients we are providing the updated phone number to our new (and bigger) office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Make it a stress-free day!

Jessica (NBW Staff)


Jun 01, 2011
I so agree with you !!!
by: LK

I so agree with you, even as a phone consultant, Dr. Boggess and the Natural Balance Wellness staff took such good care of us. (He also has a nice website)



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