Looking for an Adrenal Fatigue Doctor in Sacramento, CA area?

by Kaylene
(Folsom, Calif. )

I'm looking for a doctor in the Sacramento Area? Any suggestions?

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Oct 13, 2016
Adrenal gland fatigue- Dr. Kwiker
by: Anonymous

Dr. Kwiker practically saved my life 10 years ago after dozens of other doctors couldn't help me. He is an expert at treating adrenal gland fatigue.

Feb 24, 2015
Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type NEW
by: Anonymous

Dr. Kwiker must have a great deal of experience with adrenal fatigue because when I was there several years ago I was sitting next to a woman that said she had been to 3 other MDs that couldn't help her with what turned out to be adrenal fatigue. She was getting IV vitamin therapy and said that it was helping her feel better as she was feeling like she had more energy. She had only gone for four treatments at that time. Dr. Kwiker believes in eating the right foods according to your blood type. So, you all may want to get the book called, "Eat Right For Your Type". It makes a lot of sense and it has helped me a great deal for heart disease. I would think it would be very helpful for adrenal fatigue as well.

May 09, 2014
Michael J. Kwiker, DO - NO! NEW
by: Anonymous

He asks your birthday and does a big astrology analysis in his head and pretends he knows your personality from some test machine. We drove 4+ hours to see him.

Apr 06, 2014
Sacramento area
by: Pauline

Hi Patrice---

I have seen two different doctors in the past. One is a chiropractor in Roseville named Dr. Vanwagenanan. He uses muscle testing and lots of Standard Process supplements to help you get back on your feet. I believe he treats over the phone, too. 916-771-4151.

Also, I have seen a naturopathic doctor in Auburn named Dr. Greta D'Amico. Her clinic is called Four Rivers Naturopathic Clinic. I think she can help over the phone, too. But give them a call. The front office person is named Lisa and is super helpful. You can ask to speak with Dr. Greta to see if she can help you over the phone. I always think going in person is better, though. But I don't think you're very close. 530-823-1335. Google them because I don't remember their website. She's closed on Fridays, so give them a call tomorrow. I think they may open around 10am.

Good luck!

Apr 06, 2014
Central Valley- Addison's disease patient
by: Anonymous

I currently reside in Merced, California, and have struggled for years to find a physician or medical center familiar and qualified to treat my illness. Due tothe lack of care, my health has suffered tremendously because of the lack of care. I am scared for my health daily as I have suffered several Addison's crisis in the past few years and my health island has been continually declining. I am a single mom, and my youngest daughter, 11 yes old, can't recall a time her mom was healthy. On a good week, I am capable of functioning part time, 2-3 days. I'm fearful for my mortality, as are my children. Any knowledge of qualified care is beyond grateful. Thank you.

Mar 01, 2012
Anxious to hear about Sacramento Doctor
by: Willie


I too would love to hear about your experience along with any one else's experience with a Northern Caliornia doctor familiar with Adrenal Fatigue/Exhaustion. :-)

Best of luck!

Feb 24, 2012
Thanks for the Info on Sacramento, CA doctor!
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much. I have met several times with my G.P. and have even had blood work done, but everything came back fine. I was thinking maybe it was thyroid issues since my mom & sister have hypothyroidism & take meds. But my #'s were fine. I too get the feeling that my G.P. thinks it is all in my head & I mean no disrespect to him. I think for the most part he is an awesome doctor!
I will look this doctor up...let me know how things go.

Feb 24, 2012
Sacramento doctor
by: Pauline

I found a doctor in Sacramento. I am seeing him for the first time in two weeks. He has great reviews, but thought I'd pass his name along to you just in case you would like to check him out yourself. I have been experiencing a lot of adrenal fatigue issues and my regular PCP thinks I am crazy...he doesn't say so, but I can tell. Anyhow, this other doctor is Michael J. Kwiker, DO with Health Associates Medical Group - 3301 Alta Arden Expy, #3, Sacramento, CA 95825. Phone: 916-489-4400. I discovered this doctor from another site where another Adrenal Fatigue doctor recommended him. I spoke with his staff today and they were super nice. I hope this helps.

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