Looking for adrenal fatigue Dr., Sacramento CA

by Brian Sumpter
(Sacramento, CA USA)

I am currently being treated by a Dr. Dennehy in in Sacramento, a rheumatologist. We are just getting started, I have my 2nd appointment 8/30/13. I have tried two endocrinologists, who dismissed my problems and said I was "fine". Don't waste your time with them.

I would like to learn about other AF Doctors in Sacramento, and will update on how things go with Dr. Dennehy.

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May 07, 2016
by: Anonymous

Brian please update!! Did this Sacramento doctor help you??

Nov 18, 2014
Did you find a Sacramento doctor NEW
by: Anonymous


My name is Sadie. I'm in the sacramento area and was wondering if your found an adrenal doctor you liked?


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