Looking for a doctor in Florida on the Treasure Coast/Space Coast for adrenal insufficiency.

by Elise

I'm currently seeing an endocrinologist, but I don't feel that I'm getting the correct care for my adrenal insufficiency, and there's a lot of confusion among the staff. I don't want to write the doctor's name publicly or go into detail about the issues I have with them, but any recommendations would be appreciated. I'm hoping to find someone else.

In case you aren't familiar with the Treasure and Space coasts, here is a list of towns that I would happily drive to for better care: Cocoa, Melbourne, Palm Bay, Sebastian, Vero Beach, Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach, Stuart, Jupiter, and West Palm Beach. I would be willing to drive a little bit further if needed, but places like Orlando and Miami are too far away for regular appointments.

Thank you!

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Nov 19, 2023
Question for your area
by: Anonymous

Have you tried Dr. Becky Campbell?

Nov 22, 2018
by: Elise

I just wanted to post an update. I’m still seeing the same endocrinologist and would still love to find someone better. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 21, 2018
be Aware prednizone /Addisons connection...
by: Anonymous

After years of recurring exhaustion and shortness of breath that landed me in the hospitals I found myself in between FL and MA each year. 4 times in the past 12 months I was put on steroids and after each time I came home feeling top notch-- that is until my prednizone tapper ended, when I then would start going down hill until the next "exascerbation".

After (this past year) I learned that prednizone could cause your body reduce or even stop making its own cortisol (which is necessary for normal health) and realized my increasingly frequent COPD exascerbation (blamed almost entirely on smoking to listen to the docs) and once I read the symptoms, and once I told my doc I suspected adrenal insufficiency and why, (overuse of prednizone may have caused my body to not make or make enough of its own steroid, cortisol) and asked my doctors if that could be related to all these exascerbations...THEN, and ONLY THEN, I am being referred to an endocrinologist who is well versed in adrenal insufficiency! I hope he is able to "patch up" what’s left of me.

P.S. it was much the same for the c-diff / antibiotic connection that almost killed me in 2017 (that was 14 days in ICU). Thank heavens for my infectious disease doc who once again stepped in and got vancomycin to eradicate it (as long as I don’t take anti-!biotics! which were very needed to eradicate my gerds! AH MEDS AND PROTOCOL!) and docs with too little time to deal with "complications"

Feb 08, 2017
Not yet
by: Anonymous

No one yet, unfortunately.

Jan 21, 2017
Tips from my regular DR....
by: Anonymous

I have been seeing a DO and she had been researching as much as I have to try find the right path. I've been through four rounds of bloodwork to identify what my issue is and all signs point to low functioning Adrenals. She started me on a Hydrocortisone treatment but has also found several supplements that have helped others in addition to better vitamins! If your low in B&D - find a good supplement. Most brands don't really have the quality you will need to fight this problem. I just ordered DHEA and Pregnenolone from pure encapsulations on Amazon; I also found an AdrenoBoost from nativeremedies.com. Once I start feeling better I will taper off the Hydrocortisone & she is 110% supportive of that and using natural supplements! My major complaint is pure exhaustion every day, lack of focus & energy never picks up! Hoping some of these suggestions work for you! Good luck!!

Jan 20, 2017
me too!
by: Anonymous

also looking for someone!

Jan 16, 2017
I'm looking for one too!
by: Anonymous

Please let us know if you found a Dr that specializes in low adrenal function/adrenal fatigue. I haven't been diagnosed with the severity of Addison's but according to my tests do have low cortisol production and am just exhausted all the time! Would love to get help from a Dr in our area!

Jan 10, 2017
any update?
by: Anonymous

did you ever find someone?

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