by Jason

My story started about 10 years ago. I am, or better said, was an avid cyclist, mountaineer, rock climber and all around "do everything with power" type of person. I was definitely overtraining but was able to recoup every month or so.....or so I thought. I then proceeded to buy a house and renovate the whole thing alone. I had a 1.25 hour commute (one way)to work, a wife and twin boys. So my life was pretty full to say the least. After bout 2 years of renovating, I noticed that I was really wired but completely out of energy. I would battle this with coffee in the morning, in the afternoon and some more at around 5:00 pm. This wired feeling would come and go for a while but then one day it seemed to stay. Then it was pretty much downhill from there. Although I didn't have a lot of "mental" stress at work, I was physically stressing myself with the renovation, sports and poor sleeping habit. Not to mention, that I started to treat my anxious feeling with alcohol. Usually a bottle of wine every evening, 7 days a week. Then one day while I was driving to work, I had what I later found out was a panic attack. Then I developed heart palpitations from which I would almost pass out. I was dizzy all the time, couldn't sleep, was aggressive, had panic attacks out of the blue, my hair started to fall out, I gained weight and the list went on and on. Until one day, I couldn't get out of bed. I wasn't depressed, I was scared! As if my fight flight mode was on overdrive 24 hours a day. I would lay in bed sweating, scared, dizzy, massive heart palpitations......I was sure my life was over. I ended being out of work for 8 months. Had to quit my job and bounced from one doctor to another. The doctors wanted to put me on antidepressants although I wasn't "depressed". I couldn't believe that the drugs would make ALL THE SYMPTOMS GO AWAY!!! And it didn't sound right. I knew that I over worked and pushed myself way too hard but the connection to how I felt to what I did to get there wasn't clear. I ended up quitting my job. And slowly got back to 10% of where I was before. I still had all the above mentioned issues, they were just a little bit milder. I continued to try to be active because the doctors said that sport is great against "depression". But every time I tried to be just a little active, the symptoms would get worse. I ended up finding a naturalpathic Dr. who had my cortisol / adrenaline / Serotonin levels / HRV measured and was shocked to see that I was even able to drive to his practice. He put me on a supplement treatment plan to which I stopped after 1 month because I didn't notice any results. I then decided to take things into my own hands and really started to work on major lifestyle changes. I started to go for 10 minute walks, I cut out sugar and caffeine, went to bed before 10:00, drank lots of water, cut out simple carbs......and the list goes on. I noticed after about 1 year of doing this that things got a little better. From 10-20%. I mad a trip back to my local doctor and had him look at me again because everyone thought that it was all in my head because the "Doctors" didn't find anything. Once again he did all the tests and once again he didn't find anything. I went neurologists, cardiologists, psychologists, endocrinologists......and the list goes on. And NO ONE found ANYTHING! I was about to go crazy because I knew that something was wrong but didn't know how to go about getting better.

I then decided to go to Dr. Lam. I was turned off at the beginning because I felt he was just out to make money. He is expensive, BUT he REALLY knows his stuff. I suffered immensely for 5 years getting back to 30% on my own. Dr. Lam has really helped me get on track. He is expensive as well as the supplements but they work. I think there is an alternative to his products but it would involve a lot of mixing things yourself. I decided to try 6 months to see if I see a notice and I do. I am still not where I want to be but definitely have fewer crashes and when I do they are not as long and not as severe.

What I have learned is the following:

Stick to Lipo Products. They are absorbed much better into the blood stream.
For sleeping issues Magnesium citrate and GABA (works wonders)
Take your lipo vitamins C
Glutathione is a must
Cut out all sugar and refined flours, caffeine and alcohol (this makes a huge difference)
Go to bed early and eliminate stress from your life.

I am back to 50% with some hiccups (anxiety, sleep problems, heart palpitations) once in a great while but have learned that the most important factor is TIME.

God bless

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