Ithaca,NY/Elmira,NY/Athens,PA area - Adrenal Fatigue Doctor Review - Dr. Barbara Harvey

by Liz
(Arden NC)

Dr. Barbara Harvey is a graduate of Yale Medical School who has her practice in Athens, PA. This is an hour away from Ithaca and about a half hour away from Elmira. I saw her for over a year and was extremely impressed with her. When I first saw her I was exhausted and depressed. She prescribed hydrocortisol and armour thyroid along with a number of supplements. I started feeling better right away, though I still have relapses if I'm very stressed or over exert myself. Dr. Harvey has continued to consult with me by telephone after I moved to North Carolina. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional and is always on time for appointments. I wish I could continue in treatment with her but I am not able get in to see her for a yearly examination. She is really wonderful! Contact her at:
417 N Main St, Athens, PA 18810
(570) 888-8886

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