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(Adrenal Fatigue

Isocort is an over-the-counter cortisol supplement that has been widely used by adrenal fatigue patients.
Up until recently, Isocort was an adrenal cortical extract (from sheep) that did not have all the hormone removed, so it contained a small amount of cortisol. In early 2011, the manufacturer switched from using adrenal cortical extract to using a proprietary blend of "fermented plant-based cortisol" and echinacea purpurea, turning it from an adrenal glandular into a plain cortisol supplement.

While there are many positive reviews of Isocort to be found online, nearly all of them refer to the old formula. There are not many reviews yet of this new plant-based Isocort.

I have not personally used Isocort, so I cannot give a personal review. If you have any experience with Isocort, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and leave a comment!

I will say, however, that I feel an adrenal glandular like Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder makes more sense to start with, as it is addressing the root of the problem and providing support and healing to the actual adrenal glands, where a cortisol supplement is bypassing the adrenal glands, and even though it does give them a break from producing cortisol, it doesn't give them the additional support they need to restore themselves so they can return to producing cortisol on their own.

If you have any experience using Isocort, please leave a comment!

Be sure to include information such as:

  • Have you taken the "old formula" or the new plant-based formula?

  • If you used both, did you notice a change between the old and new formulas?

  • Which one worked better for you?

  • What were your results?

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Nov 15, 2021
have been tired forever.
by: HKP

Looking for a doctor that would take phone patients.
Have no idea where to go for this.

Tired of being tired

Apr 30, 2019
Natural HC
by: Stevie Lyn

I too have Addisons but my Endocrinologist prefers to
call it Hypoadrenalism because we could never figure out exactly what caused it. I used Isocort initially but had to transition to HC. I couldn’t tolerate Cortef or generic HC but the Compounding Pharmacist at Compounding Corner in Sugar Land, Texas told me about ‘natural’ hydrocortisone, grown on yam similar to some hormones. He makes it for me in SR (sustained release) formula and I have NO side effects from it. Women’s International Pharmacy (you can look it up online) also has it but not in SR. They’ll
make any dose you need Your doctor can call in a prescription and they mail it to you. The natural version of HC is the ONLY HC I can use.

Apr 12, 2019
Took both old and new Isocort
by: Melanie B

I have Addison's disease and I took the origianl Isocort which worked very well and I felt normal, it was like a miracle with no side effects at all like with Hydrocortisone.
When they changed it to the plant based formula it did nothing at all and I ened up back on Hydrocortisone. Now I have all the horrible side effects again and spend a lot of time sick or in the Hospital. My quality of life went forn a 10 to a 2 due to that change.

Feb 12, 2019
Adrenal by Pure encapsulations
by: Anonymous

After reading everyone's comments there is a product called Adrenal by Pure encapsulation. It's made from bovine. Whole adrenal & Adrenal Cortex from bovine. Maybe this is the same as Isocort?!?

Have not bought their products but we're recommended by my Holistic Care Nurse Practitioner.

She also recommends that the best form of Vit. C is from their product called Acerola with flavinoids which helps your body absorb it better. Other forms of Vit. C are made from corn that may be GMO.

Hope this helps someone. From North Santa Barbara County, CA.

Nov 28, 2018
Dependence on adrenal supplements
by: Wolfgoddess

I know what you mean about doing so well on an adrenal supplement & then finding it's not available anymore.

Have you tried hydrocortisone cream?

I've used it during "crashes" & it helped.

I was dependent on Enzymatic Therapy Adrenal Stress End.

The last bottle I ordered was a completely different formula that excluded the whole adrenal concentrate & only contained adrenal cortex.

Needless to say, it wasn't good.

I knew that day could come & it made me take a deeper look at the situation.

I realized this fall, I had passed the 25 year mark with "yuppie flu".

I've taken Adrenal Stress End for more than 15 years, & in the past 5 years, increased to 2 doses daily + vitacost adrenal cortex + other adrenal supplements at times.

I was actually getting worse, but the adrenal supplements masked it.

It's imperative to find the underlying cause; most likely a virus that pulls the body down & opens us up to other infections.

I'm switching over to herbal remedies & building up on doses of coconut oil, as I don't digest monolaurin.

I pray we all can find a solution, & break the cycle of dependence on supplements that we can't depend on!

Maybe they were a detriment to our health in a way, if they delayed us from finding the root to what is really depleting our adrenals?

The idea behind these supplements is that we take them for a period of time to recover, unless the adrenals are damaged & cannot rebound.

Yet, if the underlying issue isn't addressed, we'll never have true recovery.

Nov 19, 2018
Old Isocort
by: Robyn

The original isocort gave me my life back after severe autoimmune. I used it for several years as I healed after taking high doses of steroids. The new formula did not help me. I went through a relapse during this change and could not find another formula as effective but my body continued to heal as I got more strict with lifestyle changes and I got through it. I would love the old formula back for those times of stress.

Jul 09, 2018
Adrenal product Isorort
by: Sharon

I have taken both formulas and they are awesome, I went to reorder and can't find either one to purchase....bummer is there a similar product?

Apr 14, 2018
Adrenal cortex in AOR Ortho Adapt
by: dee


Just getting through a second bout of Adrenal Fatigue.
The last was caused by having the flu twice in 2 months.
Now my doc thinks I'm crazy, because, of course there's no
such thing as Adrenal Fatigue.

In Canada (U.S-??) AOR has an adrenal cortex product called
Ortho Adapt. There are two kinds, the other one is a vegan product.

Works well and has kept me going.


Mar 23, 2017
Original Isocort bovine compared to Isocort plant
by: Melanie

I took the original Isocort for a couple of years before it was changed. The original Isocort gave me new hope for feeling like living a more normal life again without all the side effects of the corticosteroids which is awful but when the change was made from bovine to the plant it did not work for me at all, now I am back to all the bad side effects and misery of the corticosteroids.

Mar 08, 2017
Used the old Isocort
by: Nikki

Before the FDA required the change of Armour and the eventual banning of Isocort, I felt great. I had energy, I lost weight, my hair filled in, nails and skin improved. Since the change, I'm back to the way I was before it. My thyroid does not convert T4 to T3, so synthetic medications don't work for me. The frustration is beyond belief knowing how good I could feel. The FDA is broken and corrupt. They work hand in hand with Pharmas, who don't want you cured because then they wouldnt make money. Also, our food industry is killing us with artificial chemicals which alters our DNA. We aren't just having epidemic thyroid conditions, I've seen epidemic MS, Parkinsons, Fibromyalgia, etc., with people I personally know

Jan 12, 2017
Isocort NEW
by: StevieLyn

How is your health practitioner getting Isocort? Or maybe he had a stash of it? We all thought that Bezwecken wasn't making either formula currently and I've been unable to find a single supplier online that has any more stock. I have only about a half a bottle left.

Jan 12, 2017
Isocort Review NEW
by: Vikki

I used the old Isocort for until they stopped making it and now get the plant based Isocort from my practitioner. Although the new Isocort still works well, along with the AdrenaStim-Se and Adaptogen drops twice a day, the old formula was superior.
Adding a teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt in warm water in the morning along with a quality Vitamin C supplement several times throughout the day also tremendously helps me with my adrenal fatigue. Hope this helps!

Sep 05, 2016
Lawsuit NEW
by: Carla

What is this lawsuit all about?

Sep 05, 2016
Lawsuit? NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm a home care aid and my client was wondering about how to get the lawsuit stuff from the old formula because she has proof what it did to her

Aug 20, 2016
Tried the new formula NEW
by: Anonymous

I used Isocort. It worked well. I have chronic fatigue and chronic inflammation of unknown causes. It cured both. Since it was taken off the market, nothin else has worked, and alternative medicine has been a huge waste of money since then.

Aug 13, 2016
Isocort to fight illness++ NEW
by: Anonymous

I have use Isocort for years when someone around me gets sick. Others will all get the bug, but not me. My husband is sick right now so I started on the Isocort and saw I was low. We are retired senior citizens and they are a life saver for us, especially me. I have survived a brain hemorrhage with temporary blindness, 2nd and 3rd degree burns and Hodgkin disease. I need my Isocort!


May 04, 2016
Want compounded adrenal formula NEW
by: Carla

Hi Dr. Gallager - Thanks for that and how can I get to you?

May 04, 2016
Isocort NEW
by: Martin Gallagher, MD

The reason Isocort worked is because it was a drug (hydrocortisone aka cortisol aka cortef) disguised as an herbal remedy.

The compound can be Rx by MD's who are familiar with the concept of functional hypoadrenia and it works.

Apr 29, 2016
Doctors in Southern California NEW
by: Carla

Hi to you two who found doctors who helped you! Were they in California, preferably Southern California? Thanks

Apr 29, 2016
Check for Hashimoto, you may be treating adrenals NEW
by: Anonymous

If you have adrenal fatigue make sure you get your thyroid checked. Not just for low thyroid but for autoimmune disease - Hoshimoto's. The special test to find that out is a TPO. Not just a T3 & T4 but the TPO. Also the Thyroglobulin Antibody.
Then if you find that you have Hoshimoto's I have a Dr. that can help and he is the one that got me out of Chronic Fatigue. Yes, you can cool down the attack of the antibody. Don't let any Dr. say they can't do anything about it, it's just not true. You need to find the right place and Dr. I have that privilege of coming out of chronic.

Apr 29, 2016
Chronic Fatigue NEW
by: Anonymous

I had Chronic Fatigue for 7 years and found a Dr. that got me out of it in 10 months. Yes, it is possible.

Nov 12, 2015
Looking for Isocort NEW
by: Stevie Lyn

This message is for Nick. You mentioned that you had a bottle of Isocort and might put in on E-Bay. I looked today and saw that someone was selling a bottle for $189.99. Yikes! I used to pay $24.-38. per bottle and while I can tolerate both the old and new formulation I can't afford to buy it at that price. I made an offer of $50.00 plus the $5.00 shipping, so we'll see what the seller, "lovefashiondesign" replies. If you still have your bottle, and that seller wasn't you please let me know. I can respond immediately if you put it on E-bay. I bought one bottle from another poster here directly, but what she sent was not exactly as she'd told me. She said there was 'nearly' a full bottle of 240, but there was less than 150 in it when I received it so I felt disappointed and rather upset, although I decided not to make a 'federal case' out of it!

Nov 12, 2015
adrenals NEW
by: Jen

The old isoscort was much better than the new plant based one in my case. Sorry they took the old off the market as I have found nothing that worked as well. I too suffer with Hashimotos.

Oct 04, 2015
by: Carla

Why is it not standard protocol for allopathic doctors to test and treat the adrenals? I have asked several and I always get some kind of gibberish answer! Most of them don't test properly for the thyroid for that matter. They do a TSH and that is it in alot of cases.
Alot of people like me are hypo-hyper thyroid and all they do is throw their hands up in despair. Medicine in this country is a joke.

Oct 04, 2015
by: Nick

Also. Question, does anyone know is Isocort is essentially the same as 2.0 milligrams or so of hydrocortisone? I have heard some people say they cannot tolerate Hydro but loved the plant based Isocort. I have an unopened bottle of isocort, but i am thinking of just ebaying it because if all it is is hydro, i already have that and only partially tolerate it. Hydrocortisone BTW is plant based it is from yams or soy. So i am thinking the new Isocort was nothing special.

Oct 04, 2015
by: nick

Does anyone know of any true potency ( hormones not removed) adrenal glandular product, that is perhaps sold in other countries? It is an absolute shame and sham that a real prescription strength adrenal glandular is not available. The logic as to why they were taken off the market is ridculous. Look at melatonin. Melatonin is a standardized extract of the hormones in a cows pineal gland. They did with it what they COULD do with the adrenal and because of it millions of people benefit from melatonin and being able to sleep at night. Ditto for Amour thyroid. Why is there no real working adrenal products? I have adrenal fatigue and CFS for 20 years because the medicine i need does not exist anymore.

Sep 01, 2015
Severe adrenal fatigue
by: Wolfgoddess

Hi Craig,
Sorry to hear about your struggle.
I've had severe adrenal fatigue for 20 years.
I don't think I've had MTHFR mutations, but I've had a myriad of symptoms, so...not sure.
I was reading Dr. Lam's "Fatigued Out Of Life" pdf when I got a comment alert just now.
He offers it free from his site.
I found it by googling "adrenal fatigue".
It may have some insights for you.

I spent the summer in bed.
For years I did "Adrenal Stress End", a glandular from Enzymatic Therapy.
It was so strong, I had to open the capsules into a Green powdered drink, so it didn't give me stomach cramps.
I could function fairly normal on this, but still wasn't quite "complete".
I had terrible insomnia, and my motivation wasn't intact.
I had major crashes when I went off of it, as I did this summer.
I'm currently taking 1 each adrenergize adrenal cortex, Ultra Enterprises Raw Adrenal, and also and Ultra Raw Thyroid, twice daily, along with a multi, b complex, pregnenolone, tyrosine, & iodine.
I also use Himalaya liver care @ a double dose.
Liver problems often follow adrenal fatigue, and can be a big factor in insomnia.

I seem to be functioning a bit better on this "cocktail", but I continue to search for real adrenal healing, & complete health.
Just a side note...I've done better with adrenal cortex, without the cortisol hormones.
Some say you need hormones to recover, but it can be too much for others, and give them a stimulant effect that actually impedes recovery.
It really depends which stage you're in, and there is no one size fits all, as I believe Dr. Lam describes quite well.
Best wishes to you!

Jul 18, 2015
"Natural" vs. Cortef
by: Craig

Struggling with either severe adrenal fatigue/exhaustion or Addison's (and have for quite some time). I've been on HC for nearly 10 years. I currently take 20 mgs/day split into 2, 10 mg doses. I've never taken Isocort, but I have taken Biotics Research ADHS for adrenal support. It works well, but I've developed terrible facial/sinus pressure just behind the bridge of the nose when using it. The pressure relieves when I discontinue the ADHS supplement, but it's still there at various times throughout the day, seemingly getting worse when I try other kinds of supplements that aren't formulated (apparently) for adrenals. I'd love to transition off the HC, but my body is so screwed up right now (seems likely there are MTHFR mutations at play). Anyone experience anything like what I've described?

Jun 28, 2015
Pieces to the puzzle
by: Wolfgoddess

Hello friends,
I've taken adrenal glandulars fairly steadily for the past 10 years.
I've gone off of them, & had a slow decline, or immediately crashed so hard, that I had a mini stroke.
I didn't want to be dependant on them, as I currently am.
It's good to remember, at least with most of us, that our health picture is a puzzle.
As the previous author wrote, healing foods are essential.
Also, possible fungus, bacteria, & viruses.
And lastly, the big piece for me...mitochondria support.
I spent so much time, & money with different adrenal products, that I forgot about the rest of my health picture.
Our bodies were made to heal.
Perhaps, if we remove the road blocks, & give our bodies the right food, & additional supplements, we can recover.

Jun 28, 2015
Old Isocort worked well
by: Jude

I took the old Isocort for many years and it worked exceptionally well, but when the plant based one came out I tried it but it didn't work for me. I have not been able to find anything else that works as well as the old Isocort did, and I wish they could somehow manufacture it again.
I have spent lots of money on other products but they don't work like the old Isocort did.
I live in Australia and there aren't many products that I can get here so have to get all mine from OS.

May 27, 2015
Adrenal Update
by: JSS

I wrote back in Sept '14 re: Isocort. After they took it off the market, I was at my wits end. One doctor prescribed Hydrocortisone, but I couldn't tolerate it. Really rough compared to Isocort. Went to another endocrinologist and she took me off all adrenal support. That was tough because I went through withdrawals which were very much like adrenal fatigue. I did make it through the other side though. Funny thing that happened is that my low thyroid which I've had since I was 15yrs. old, now am 62, changed from low to high. So now I'm reducing my thyroid intake, slowly. I do also have Hashimoto's and OsteoArthritis, lucky me, huh! So 7-9 months later after going gluten free and juicing, usually with beets, strawberries, adding RNA magnesium, MACA, Additional Vitamin C, Probiotics, etc. I'm feeling a little better. At least I have to say that the "soulful exhaustion" is gone. That was the worst. I'm trying day by day to learn about foods that heal and watch what I'm eating. So today I'm grateful.

May 25, 2015
Re: Drenamin
by: Stevie Lyn

I looked up the ingredients for Drenamin. Isocort was basically only Sheep Adrenal and a bit of Echinacea initially, then Plant Based Hydrocortisone (HC)when they transitioned to the new vegan formula. Most people taking it said it was roughly the equivalent of 1.5-2.0 mg. of HC, which I also found to be the case. Dremamin has a lot of ingredients and no where could I find any info how much 'bovine adrenal' was in it. Perhaps you could call the company that makes it and inquire. The reviews on Amazon were basically good, but like most products, for most people it's trial and error.

Proprietary Blend: 730 mg
Calcium lactate, Rice (bran)†, bovine liver†, bovine adrenal†, porcine stomach†, nutritional yeast†, bovine adrenal PMG™ extract†, choline bitartrate†, alfalfa extract†, dried buckwheat (leaf) juice†, buckwheat (seed)†, magnesium citrate, oat flour†, mushroom†, bovine bone†, para-aminobenzoate†, allantoin†, porcine brain†, veal bone†, sweet potato†, sunflower lecithin†, rice (bran)†, and vitamin E (sunflower).

May 24, 2015
by: Anonymous

Is drenamin ( different than isocourt?

Mar 09, 2015
by: Carla

In either 2013 or more probably 2014 there was a pharmacy listed here that had a cache of the new version.There was a phone number listed. I purchased a couple of bottles and wish I had ordered more. Does anyone have any idea what that phone number is? Even though it was not as good as the first one it was better than nothing! Thanks!

Nov 16, 2014
I agree
by: Stevie Lyn

I agree that the Thorne Adrenal Cortex works as well as Isocort, but it's stronger. It's the only one I've tried that actually works, although I ordered a new one from Nutricology which I'll update this site later on whether it works well or not. It works a LOT better than the Adrenal Cortex drops which are very, very expensive. I've gotten them from Clymer Healing Center, but I'm not ordering them anymore. I split the powder from the Thorne capsules into 4 tiny capsules, the OOO (Triple O) size, so if I had to venture a guess I'd say that their 50 mg. Adrenal Bovine capsules are the equal of 3 or 4 Isocort. People have been commenting on the Vitacost site because they advertise it as vegan, which is silly because the capsules are vegan but the powder is bovine. I get it from Vitacost for about the same price as IHerb and I get the OOO capsules from Swanson Vitamins online.

Nov 16, 2014
Isocort replacement
by: Anonymous

I have found Thorne Reseach adrenal cortex to work just as well the most recent Isocort. I never tried the old Isocort. iherb dot com has it for about 11 dollars.

You could have candida overgrowth. Cortisol increases yeast growth. You may try taking oil of oregano or extra virgin coconut oil (caprylic acid) with the cortisol.

Nov 15, 2014
desperately seeking isocort replacement
by: Anonymous

I used both formulas for the last 12 years. After autoimmune damage that had been caused by gluten intolerance, I seem to need some cortisol. Tapering off has been a problem. I loved the stuff. There was some re-adjustment after they switched to the plant-based formula, but it made life normal for me. I was using 4 in the am and 3 in the pm, based on tests done to determine my need. I have been forcing myself to slowly taper off since they took it off the market. Attempts to use microdoses of hydrocortisone did not work. Even when I had it compounded in little 2 mg capsules, timed release, no fillers, I felt sick when I took it. Anybody have any ideas for CORTISOL sources? Glandular products now have to have the cortisol taken out, and I can't seem to find anything that can replace Isocort. Forget so-called adrenal support supplements. They didn't work either. Love some help!

Sep 19, 2014
Adrenal Fatigue
by: JSS

Thanks for the info Ole, now my crash is making a little more sense. I was taking 5 capsules in the morning (12.5) and a couple during the day as needed. I read my hydrocortisone info and it states not to stop this but to contact your doctor, probably meaning to wean you off it. Like Cymbalta. My dr. had me on 30 mg. Cymbalta, as a neurotransmitter but after 3 surgeries upped it to 90mg. I was weaning down to 30mg again when they stopped making Isocort. Crash big time. Spent $$$$$ trying to find doctor & anything to get my life back, It's slowly returning, I upped Cymbalta to 60mg. am taking Compound Cortisol S.R veg 10 mg capsul 2xdaily from American Integrative Pharmacy. There not as strong as RX cortisol, but I somehow feel better taking them from a compound pharmacy. I've been on compound hormones for 10 years. I'm also on DHEA 10, DIM, Synthroid, Nature Thyroid, Selenium, SAMe, Idoral, just to name a few. I'm still searching for health in the most natural way I can It's my belief that my Hashimoto's is eating away at my joints. . Started exercising again, reformer pilates, helps with osteoarthritis. Thirsty for any information or help.

Sep 19, 2014
Adrenal Fatigue
by: JSS

Thanks for the info Ole, now my crash is making a little more sense. I was taking 5 capsules in the morning (12.5) and a couple during the day as needed. I read my hydrocortisone info and it states not to stop this but to contact your doctor, probably meaning to wean you off it. Like Cymbalta. My dr. had me on 30 mg. Cymbalta, as a neurotransmitter but after 3 surgeries upped it to 90mg. I was weaning down to 30mg again when they stopped making Isocort. Crash big time. Spent $$$$$ trying to find doctor & anything to get my life back, It's slowly returning, I upped Cymbalta to 60mg. am taking Compound Cortisol S.R veg 10 mg capsul 2xdaily from American Integrative Pharmacy. There not as strong as RX cortisol, but I somehow feel better taking them from a compound pharmacy. I've been on compound hormones for 10 years. I'm also on DHEA 10, DIM, Synthroid, Nature Thyroid, Selenium, SAMe, Idoral, just to name a few. I'm still searching for health in the most natural way I can It's my belief that my Hashimoto's is eating away at my joints. . Started exercising again, reformer pilates, helps with osteoarthritis. Thirsty for any information or help.

Aug 28, 2014
HC in Isocort
by: Ole A.

Elaine and others, from all information and indications, Isocort contained standard pharmaceutical hydrocortisone at 2.4mg per pellet which was mixed with echinecea. The product was discontinued by bezwecken because they got shut down by the FDA, they sold it over the counter with an intentional mislabelling, as "plant fermentended cortisol". The echinecea was added to allow bezwecken to register the product and sell it.
You can substitute with pharmaceutical Hydrocortisone available through your doctor or an online pharmacy.

Aug 28, 2014
Isocort gone?
by: Elaine

I just found out that Isocort is not available and am utterly terrified. It is the ONLY thing I have found in the past 50 years that helps me, and makes me want to, and able to, live. Has anyone found anything similar? Please help!

Aug 14, 2014
hydrocortisone 10mg
by: Anonymous

Isocort is probably not as strong. I think taking too much cortisol will give you the same symptoms as not having enough. Try taking half the dose twice a day. It is actually best to start with 2.5mg 4 times a day (not later than 7pm unless test say otherwise) and then increase it if needed starting with 1st dose.

Aug 14, 2014
Isocort off the market - NOOOOOOO
by: JSS

I've taken the old and new product of Isocort for over 10 years. They stopped making it and I can't function. What??? Doctor prescribed hydrocortisone 10mg, that didn't work, then cortisol veg 10 mg, still not the same. How can there be such a big difference. I just can't stop sleeping.

SHP Please let me know if you find out any information -

Jul 25, 2014
by: Ole A.

Supplemental cortisol can be a short term necessary tool in severe cases of AF, but should not become addictive, unless one has chronic damage, every effort should be made to wean off it and get back to a natural endogenous production. Cortisol is only one hormone in the vital adrenal steroid cascade. I cannot recommend Dr Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder enough, it is in a league of its own when it comes to adrenal tissue rebuilding. Make sure to get sufficient amounts of all integral nutrients for daily or compromised adrenal function, vitamins and minerals etc. I can highly recommend to also look into the herbal approach of rebuilding kidney Jing according to TCM, especially look into Jing City by Truth Calkins and Dragon Herbs by Ron Teeguarden.

Jul 25, 2014
Used both old & new Isocort
by: SHP

I have used both the old Isocort (since 2008) and the new Isocort. Both worked very well for me and finally have my "normal" energy back--after about 10 years of trial and error with a naturopathic doctor. I've finally weaned myself off of a lot of supplements, and tried to wean myself off of Isocort--that didn't work. I had come to realize that I might need to take Isocort (at a lower dose), for the rest of my life...and now they've discontinued it! I can't believe it. :-( I'm meeting with my doctor next week to see where I'll go from here. But, I really want Isocort back (either old or new)!

Jul 21, 2014
New Isocort
by: Carly

I have never tried the old Isocort, but it sounds great. I do have a couple of bottles of the new Isocort that I had ordered from Iherb about a year ago. MAKE SURE YOU CHEW THEM. I think the new formula does work, (maybe not as well as old) because when I first tried to take just one or two they wired me. Now I am trying again (just been a couple of days) and they are not wiring me, but making my head slightly clearer, so I am going to continue and see how I feel. Will post back in a couple of weeks. The stress and anxiety and depression that comes with adrenal fatigue is horrible also, and I find Kava Kava, or 5-htp, good in the evening for calming the mind. Staying calm is also important for healing adrenals.
Good luck everyone.

Jul 20, 2014
I found Isocort helpful
by: Dawn W.

I have had chronic fatigue for 20 years.
Doctors only wanted to put me on antidepressants.
I have searched for, & tried many natural alternatives.
I was taking a whole adrenal supplement for many years with minimal improvement.
After reading about cortisol, & adrenal cortex extracts, (not to mention I was so weak, I could barely function) I decided to try them.
I purchased Isocort (the new formula) months back, & never gave it a serious try.
A little over a week ago, I started taking 2 Isocort tabs 3 x daily.
I felt better, but my motivation didn't kick in until I added a 500mg adrenal cortex 2 x daily.
So far, an inflammatory bowel condition I had for a long time is very much improved , & I have been able to work some very long days. (I always over do it when I feel better).
I am also sleeping much better.
After 20 years of hard core insomnia, the sleep factor alone is worth it.
Dr. William McK Jefferies wrote a book called "Safe Uses of Cortisol", where he recommends half the dose of cortisol used for Addison's disease, (20mgs daily) to help adrenal recovery.
I've been told Isocort is 2.5mg each.
I never tried the old Isocort formula, but so far I find the new one beneficial.
Time will tell on real improvement, or healing.

Jun 16, 2014
Helpful supplement
by: Anonymous

I am still learning about how to heal my adrenals, and I have not taken Isocort. However, I take an rx of 4mg Medrol (methylprednisolone) and a supplement called A-drenal by RLC Labs.It helps me a lot. I get it either from my doctor, an integrative medical doctor or from Amazon, When I run out of it, I definitely notice.

I have to do more research to see if the ingredients help heal the adrenals or just put a bandaid on. Hoping this helps

May 15, 2014
Comments on 5-HTP
by: StevieGal

I also would use caution when taking 5-HTP. I took it for about a year @ 50 mg. each night. I have to say that it helped with sleep and I didn't 'feel' any odd effects, however....when I had my serotonin levels checked they were 6 TIMES the high range. My doctor was very alarmed but once weaned back off the 5-HTP my levels returned to normal. Having Addison's and ME/CFS for 12 years I have tried dozens and dozens of different supplements. Some help, some don't and some I've realized that I need to have monitored more closely. I'm a big believer in supplements but I realize over time that just because I can buy it online without a prescription I still need to do my 'due diligence'.

May 14, 2014
by: Anonymous

Websites on 5-htp say it shouldn't be taken for more than 12 weeks without a few weeks off of it. This may be the reason why:

From an Amazon review on Natrol 5-HTP Mood Enhancer --
***Taking 5-HTP will raise serotonin and melatonin but LONG TERM can cause an imbalance that causes dopamine levels to drop***

This imbalance can be prevented or corrected by taking L-Tyrosine(Amino Acid that is precursor to dopamine, epinephrine, and norepinephrine).

I take L-Tyrosine during day and 5-HTP at night. I have read that its important to take a 10:1 ratio of L-Tyrosine:5-HTP. I take 100mg 5-HTP at night and 1000mg of L-Tyrosine in the morning on an empty stomach(necessary for absorption).
Also, Stacy's 3/10/2014 review on the same product mentions women shouldn't take it when estrogen levels are high.

May 14, 2014
What works for me...
by: Anonymous

I take Nutri-Meds Adrenal Cortex capsules and their Whole Adrenal. They also have an adrenal cortex that is not quite as strong, but I needed significant support. They have a guide on how to use on their website that helps you figure out how to take the products. I am so grateful that these products work.

May 11, 2014
Adrenal fatigue
by: Anonymous

I tried Dr. Wilsons adrenal rebuilder. One of if not the very worst products i have ever used!!! Dont waste your money or
Time!! I have adrenal insufficiency and was very dissapointed
Especially becuse it was so highly reccomendec on this page.
Terrible abd cheap product!!!!

May 03, 2014
Old and New
by: Carla

Guys they are both history. Let's focus on what is available now and not waste time going down memory lane! The HTP and Thorne product is helpful. I just started doing ™ again. I am desperate to deal with anxiety. Anything that quiets the mind.

May 03, 2014
Possible replacement
by: Anonymous

Thorne Research, Adrenal Cortex, 60 Veggie Caps is the best I have found after trying about 7 adrenal products.

The problem that I had with it at first was that I would go through a bottle in about 10 days. I found a website that recommended 5-htp for people with low cortisol. I take 50mg 3 times per day. Now, I rarely take the adrenal cortex.

May 03, 2014
Still seeking replacement
by: R Elaine

Like so many others here, I too found blessed relief with Isocort, both versions. I was devastated when they discontinued it. I called them a few months ago when they first d/c'd it and they said they were not planning on bringing it back. I just sent them another email asking again.

I have been searching since then for anything that works as well. I did go back on the Cortef hydrocortisone that my doctor prescribes, but that doesnt seem to work anymore.

I have tried Adrenogen - that makes me sick to my stomach, and Licorice and Ashwaganda, which helped perhaps mildly, but not significantly.

I am back to my old state of extreme anxiety and depression starting first thing in the morning and throughout the day, and unfortunately rely on benzo's like Klonopin to be able to function.

If anyone has found anything that is helping, please, please list it here!


May 01, 2014
Old vs. new isocort
by: Anonymous

I have used both the old and new formula. The old was miraculous. The new does nothing for me so I stopped taking it.

Apr 26, 2014
isocort -the older the better!!
by: Anonymous

i had found the old adrenal cortex formula to be very effective for adrenal insufficiency.haven't tried the newer formula (plant based) but it isn't the same anyway. the first is really a supplement for a poorly functioning cortex - the latter is the product that the adrenal gland produces - cortisol

Apr 10, 2014
by: Anonymous

For the person with Lyme disease, your thyroid may need as much help, and has similar symptoms to Lyme. Everything affects the other partner in the endocrine system! However, Since Lyme disease affects a lot of the organs in your body, you should check out Dr.Donta...he cured me!
Explore all the things that are affected by high cortisol levels, especially your thyroid.

Mar 21, 2014
Plant Based HC
by: StevieGal

After reading the last comments I thought I would add something to the discussion. I have posted before and want to add that I have full blown Addison's so I'm on full replacement HC. I can't tolerate the synthetic HC's. I was using the Isocort to bump up doses, not as my exclusive HC for daily doses. I get my HC COMPOUNDED from a pharmacy in Sugar Land, Texas called Compounding Corner. They use a PLANT based HC and put it in capsules, along with a powder that makes it timed-released. It's not cheap, but it works MUCH better than any of the synthetics and I don't have near the reaction to it as synthetics. Also, many people on the Addison's chat sites have commented that they also get their HC compounded from Women's International Pharmacy and they also used a plant based HC. They don't do a timed released, but they are much cheaper than my compounding pharmacist, who charges about $1.00 a capsule. I get them in 25 mg. capsules and split them myself into 4 other empty capsules to dose throughout the day. If you have a prescription, Compounding Corner will ship to anywhere in the U.S. Shannon McGuagog is the owner and head pharmacist and is a wealth of info and helpful. Women's International Pharmacy also ships anywhere. The problem for folks is if you don't have a prescription, but if you are sick to the point of extreme decline, I'll tell you what Dr. Neville at the Clymer Healing Center told me. It's TIME to stop using Isocort and Ace drops and get on real HC. It saved my life.

Mar 21, 2014
Contact Bezwecken
by: Ole A.

Anonymous, I sympathize with you, but let's try and see if we can get to the bottom of this. Why don't you contact Bezwecken and ask them who is the manufacturer of the cortisol they used? If you explain your situation, I am sure they will give you the information. I personally believe that they used a standard hydrocortisone. I have the same good effect from a standard pharmaceutical HC I am getting through prescription from my doctor. According to the Bezwecken label, they used a "plant-fermentended" cortisol (I believe this was a typo, it was supposed to read plant-fermented, alright I find it suspicious they never corrected it ), anyway, it is most likely plant-based, but I don't believe they had come up with something of their own, they are definitely buying ingredients from bulk manufacturers, as they are a sales company. As I have posted before, I believe they eventually got shut down by the FDA, as they found a loophole to sell standard pharmaceutical HC as an over the counter product, because they mixed it with Echinacea. Or, because they wrote it is cortisol, when it is hydrocortisone (which is the immediate precursor molecule to cortisol)
I am currently researching what methods are being used to manufacture HC, and there were a breakthrough some 10 years ago in France to manufacture it through fermentation.

Mar 21, 2014
Re Isocort
by: Anonymous

Twenty years ago I had a near-fatal auto accident, went into shock which was not treated, and fried my adrenal glands. They no longer produce any measurable cortisol. I was, at first, given Hydrocortisone, a synthetic drug, to which I was allergic and almost died. I would not have been alive for the last twenty years if not for Isocort, which was a natural source of cortisol.

Our FDA/pharmaceutical industry does not want anyone using natural medicines, so Bezwecken discontinued their animal-source adrenal product. They switched to plant-source, which I considered a miracle. I was much happier using a product that didn't contain anything from an animal. The plant-source Isocort worked just as well as the original Isocort, and I felt even better on it. It allowed me to live a completely normal life, doing anything I wanted to do. But now they have discontinued that also, and I am dying, because I cannot take the synthetic forms of cortisol and the FDA will not allow us to have natural forms of it.

Mar 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

Somebody on here made the comment that Nutri-meds adrenal cortex extract (ACE) was the closest to Isocort they could find. Could you please elaborate a little? I have been on Isocort for over a year and it is the only thing that has worked for me. I am now trying to find a replacement and things are not going so well :( I tried Thorne ACE, Ultra ACE, and HC. None come close to Isocort unless I take like 20 of the Thorne ACE and even then, it isn't the same. Is Nurti-Meds ACE somehow different than the other ACE products? Have you tried other ACE products? Also, how many Isocort were you taking? How many of the Nutri-meds do you have to take now? And, are you taking the 250mg one? Thanks so much! I would greatly appreciate your input!!

Mar 03, 2014
Buying HC online
by: Steviegal

I have full blown Addison's so I do have a doctor that prescribes HC. I've also used Isocort, Thorne, ACE drops, and Sub-Adrene to augment. That being said.....and if one is willing to take responsibility for taking real HC if you only have Adrenal Fatigue, knowing that it's a balancing act and that the adrenals can and do shut down on their own if you take too much HC....there is a great online pharmacy, located in Vanuatu. I, and many of my friends have used them for years with absolutely NO problems. They carry HC as well as many, many other drugs and hormones. The drugs are valid in the original packaging, the shipping is free, they provide tracking and I've never had a single problem getting anything through our U.S. Customs. The site is I've used other off-shore online pharmacies, but they are by far the best. They also have accessible phone lines and answer their e-mails promptly.

Mar 02, 2014
No More Isocort!!!
by: Barbara B

Big Pharma has struck again, you will not be getting Isocort back because they went to them and paid them or threatened them to make them stop making/selling it. There is nothing in the US comparable and there never will be because how dare we discover that is one of the things we need and self medicate. If you can find a doctor to prescribe HC consider yourself lucky, I was told after a really bad crisis that they could not keep prescribing it, never mind I have raccoon eyes, feet looking like they belong to someone else(read very dark-they look like I colored them) and hands not too far away. So if anyone knows of something comparable please share. I am in the process of trying Nutri-Meds now, will let you know how it goes.

Feb 18, 2014
Isocort replacement
by: Anonymous

I haven't been able to find a good OTC replacement for Isocort. If you are seeing a doctor have him prescribe Cortef 5mg. It is a good bioidentical cortisol. I know CVS carries it.

Feb 05, 2014
For Southern Sassafras
by: Anonymous

Please understand, the FDA is obliged to regulate HC, which is a steroid hormone.
Adrenal Rebuilder contains specific protein building blocks which will slowly rebuild your adrenal glands, but you need to take it daily and longterm to achieve the needed effects, at least 6 months, maybe up to two years or more if you are suffering from severe adrenal fatigue. And you need to take all the other nutrients to support the adrenal hormonal cascade. Products containing HC is a quick fix, which can be necessary, and a life saver, if you are very ill, however if you dont rebuild, you will always be dependent on it, since the adrenals also manufacture other steroid hormones, these may also be low or imbalanced and as a result your health will never be normal. Some important pittfalls here..

I too am at a loss. When I don't have Isocort I go to place no one should go. I can not funtion. I have called bezwecken and have had hopes of a replacement product. I have tried Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder, and it did nothing for me. I tried it for a few months too. I bought all the stock my Doctor had left of Isocort and hoping to discover it's replacement before it runs out. Otherwise I'll be in bed, not going to work and feeling I can't function in this world. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE FDA? There are such outstanding products on the market that they can just take away. How about, it is my life, my choice, and I don't need them policing these over the counter nuetraceuticals when they allow Merck to have prescription drugs that are killing lab rats and flipping out humankind. What I choose to take should be my choice. Life was not worth living before I discovered Isocort and now I am renewed in my vitality. How can they take this away? - See more at:

Feb 05, 2014
HC in Isocort
by: OA/Ole

Ann, fyi each Isocort pellet contained 2.4mg of pharmaceutical HC. Under normal healthy circustances, the adrenals daily manufacture apx 20mg, if the body is stressed it could be up to 30mg, even more in acute illness. Taking HC longterm in daily dosages more than 15mg can effectively shut down your endogenous production, your adrenals goes into hibernation when it comes to cortisol.

Feb 05, 2014
by: OA/Ole

Anonymous, Isocort only contained standard pharmacetical hydrocortisone and Echinacia Purpurea in the final product version. It was likely added just so Bezwecken could sell it as a OTC supplement. They labelled the HC as fermentented plant derived cortisol. (Standard pharmaceutical HC is created through a fermentation process using soyabeans) If you took 35mg of pharmaceutical hydrocortisone which is a huge dosage and it didnt work, then you apparently dont need hydrocortisone. The other herbals you mention was not in the product, so I dont follow your reasoning here.

Feb 04, 2014
Isocort Replacement
by: Carla

Ok there is alot of redundancy here. Isocort is gone, gone=probably the FDA. The last time I spoke with Tracy even she sounded sorry about it. First time after many calls asking why, why. Must be the FDA so let's move on and find aomething else! I hope that my doctor will be amenable to a hydrocortisone script! Is there a particular strengh? Thanks much! Ann

Feb 04, 2014
Home Made Isocort
by: Anonymous

What does the Echinacia and other herbals combined with hydrocortisone do? Prunus spp? Lomatium dissectum root?

If it is a matter of combining these elements, then almost anyone could make their own if they can get a prescription for hydrocortizone.

I have tried straight hydrocortizone up to 35 as recomended in a medical book, and it did about nothing, not compared to Isocort. Perhaps the added herbals really do make a difference.

Feb 04, 2014
by: OA/Ole

Southern Sassafras, you need to get hold of some pharmaceutical hydrocortisone through a doctor, it shouldn't be that difficult to do. And it will be much cheaper than IsoCort. There are also online pharmacies.

Feb 04, 2014
We need a miracle replacement for Isoscort
by: Southern Sassafras

I too am at a loss. When I don't have Isocort I go to place no one should go. I can not funtion. I have called bezwecken and have had hopes of a replacement product. I have tried Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder, and it did nothing for me. I tried it for a few months too. I bought all the stock my Doctor had left of Isocort and hoping to discover it's replacement before it runs out. Otherwise I'll be in bed, not going to work and feeling I can't function in this world. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE FDA? There are such outstanding products on the market that they can just take away. How about, it is my life, my choice, and I don't need them policing these over the counter nuetraceuticals when they allow Merck to have prescription drugs that are killing lab rats and flipping out humankind. What I choose to take should be my choice. Life was not worth living before I discovered Isocort and now I am renewed in my vitality. How can they take this away?

Jan 28, 2014
Isocort replacement
by: OA/Ole

The only direct replacement for Isocort is to use standard pharmaceutical hydrocortisone, because this is the ingredient what was in the product, along with Echinacea.
The best adrenal glandular on the market is Adrenal Rebuilder, nothing comes close to it in terms of potency and purity, also it is processed to have removed inherent hormones removed.

Jan 28, 2014
CALL and request they make it again!

I have severe adrenal fatigue and can tell you nothing quite matches the old Isocort. I have one bottle left I use for emergencies. The closest I have found is Nutri-meds adrenal cortex. It keeps me going, but lord help me if I overdo it!

We all need to keep on Bezwick to get back to producing Sheep-based Adrenal supplement ISOCORT! CALL CALL CALL!!PLEASE I beg you to call once a month and keep the pressure on them.

It may be possible to use a low dose (1.5?) Cortisol combined with a whole adrenal product, other stuff to make your own, I don't know for sure. NOTHING replaces Isocort totally, Nutri-meds is close.

Jan 28, 2014
Thorne Adrenal Cortex
by: Stevie Lyn

I wanted to add another comment about the Thorne Adrenal Complex. I had seen some reviews of it on places like so I called the Thorne Customer Service Department this morning. I can't say I'm impressed at all with their explanation of the product. According to them, they purchase freeze dried DEFATTED Bovine adrenals from Argentina (because there is no mad cow disease from there). When the product is defatted, it removes some of the bovine hormone, but they have NO IDEA how much. She said they DON'T assay the product to see how much adrenal hormone it even contains. All the label says is that it has 50 mg.,,,, so 50 mg. of WHAT?? Apparently, 50 mg. of bovine adrenals, which may/not contain who-knows-how much of actual cortisol. Wow, I think that shows how dismal their quality control of this product is.

Jan 28, 2014
Has anyone tried Dr. Wilson's?
by: Anonymous

Has anyone tried Dr. Wilson's Adrenal Rebuilder, that is recommended on this site? If so, have you used it with or without the rest of the "program"?

Jan 14, 2014
Adrenal Cortex Rebuilder
by: Carla

Thanks for the information about the Thorne product. That is a good company . I have also used raw glandulars for adrenal building from Standard Process. I think that the FDA put the brakes on Bezwecken! What a shame.

Jan 14, 2014
Thorne Adrenal Cortex/Biomax ACE Drops
by: Stevie Lyn

I've tried the Biomax ACE (Adrenal Cortex Extract) drops in the past and they work OK, but not like taking hydrocortisone (HC) and they are expensive @ around $30. a bottle which is about 60 doses of 4 drops ea. When I was a patient of Dr. Neville's that's what they use to treat their AF patients. When my adrenals pretty much stopped functioning, it was at that point that he said I needed to be on full replacement HC. The drops are gentler and work all right if you have Adrenal Fatigue, but not if you're full blown Addison's like I am. However, they are good for a bump-up dose when you need it. I haven't tried the Thorne Adrenal Cortex (from bovine source) which is inexpensive at around $11-15 dollars a bottle. Has anyone tried this product??

Jan 14, 2014
by: Carla

i too have been through the mill with this subject!Loved the old hated the new, called Tracy several times, blah ,blah, blah! I think that it is time to stop beating the horse and find another product! Certainly someone has come across something similar? These comments are all redundant.
Let'move on, do some research and find something else-and share it on this platform!

Jan 14, 2014
by: Ole

OK, that's unexpected news. They did not give any reason? I suspect they may have been forced by the FDA to discontinue manufacturing. Since the product was reformulated, it was pharmaceutical hydrocortisone mixed with echinicea, I think they bypassed some regulation with this and their phrasing on the label and was shut down, otherwise why discontinue such a popular product?

Jan 14, 2014
Isocort discontinued
by: Anonymous

I called Bezwecken yesterday and they said they have discontinued Isocort and will not be bringing it back. Very bad news for me...

Dec 16, 2013
Got the last 3 bottles!
by: Stevie Lyn

Like many of you, I've been using Isocort for quite a long time. I preferred the original formula, as it seemed gentler to me, but have used the new formula since the transition. I just got the LAST 3 bottles of Isocort from a pharmacy in my state and the pharmacist was bemoaning the fact that it's discontinued. I have an e-mail into Bezwecken to ask WHY it's gone from the market, and will they ever bring it back.... As of now, no reply yet. I've now got 4 bottles of the old and 3 bottles of the new. I take compounded sustained HC for most of my daily dose (I have Addison's, not just AF), but use(d) Isocort to bump up my dose and one at night at bedtime.

Nov 15, 2013
by: Anonymous

When I started to use Isocort about a year ago, I felt better within a week, I started to lose weight I couldn't lose before, my middle section actually started to disappear!

The last bottle I received did not seem to do a thing for me, so I doubled the dose...still nothing. Now I find out they have changed it and it makes sense.

Great...I am fighting this enough with the I won't have them. :(

Nov 12, 2013
by: Natural Thyroid Healing - Kirsten Potter ND

Isocort has been discontinued. It's possible they will bring it back in the future. Contact Bezwecken for more info and updates:

503.682.7800 Office
503.682.7500 Fax

Nov 07, 2013
by: Ann

Please someone tell us if there is another product with cortisol. Dr. W's is a glandular, which is helpful, but not enough to get things rolling. I am so disgusted with Bezwecken I could scream!

Nov 07, 2013
Looking for an alternative to Isocourt
by: Erika

I recently went to order a new bottle and found out that the company is no longer making this product. Does anyone know of another supplement that has cortisol in it as a replacement?

Oct 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have been totally disappointed with the new formula. I have called Tracy the person assigned to taking complaints several times. The last time I talked to her she said that it was being reformulated by the approximate end of Oct. 2013. I fear that rather than going back to the old formation, they will merely be dispensing it differently, transdermal-as they have done with some of their other products. Evidently this company reformulated another product awhile back and people were up in arms about that. As far as I know the company cast a blind ear to that situation too!

Oct 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

I started to use the old bovine based Isocort and it improved my life so much that I felt normal for the first time in 25 years. Sadly when they stopped making the old formula and made the new one based on plants, my life deteriorated to such a point that I felt like crap each day, as it didn't work anymore for me.
I emailed Bezwecken many times but didn't get any answer until the other day when in desperation I emailed them again asking if they could please make the old formula. Imagine my surprise when I got an answer that they were in the process of reformulating the Isocort and to check back with them at the end of October. This I did but didn't get any answers at all. As I live in Australia I am hoping that iHerb will stock the new product as they have an excellent system of getting product to me in just over a week and the cost is reasonable.

Oct 25, 2013
Isocort new
by: Anonymous

I started taking the new isocort about 6 weeks ago and I gradually started to have more energy during the day. I have been trying to order more but it seems to be out of stock everywhere. Does anyone know where I can get more?

Sep 17, 2013
new isocort
by: Anonymous

My doctor put me on isocort, the new formula, for a bad immune system due to lymes disease. It makes me feel better but I gained 10 pounds in six weeks! I have never had a weight problem and really wonder why it has effected me this way.

Sep 06, 2013
Isocort Uses
by: Dr. Brian Martin

Hello, I would like to comment on the old Isocort formula, it had the equivalent of 2.5mg of cortisol, because of the "actual hormone" in combination with its other synergistic ingredients it was a very powerful tool. Along with other supportive adrenal formulas (herbal and or hormonal - pregnenolone, DHEA, etc) and removing any lifestyle stressors... I found Isocort to be very effective in treating CFS, Menopause and helping re-balance adrenals. The argument of using a small amount of "hormone" (usually 1-2caps morning and if needed afternoon, never past 4PM) to help the glands "rest", is something after 20 years of practice I have seen to be very effective. So much so that many patients can be scaled down after improvement. The typical time for this is around 6-12 months. To be complete I should also state that, too much cortisol feels exactly like too much clinically when a patient treated with isocort starts to present with this, it is a sign/signal (the adrenals are stronger) to start lowering the dose. I have a large stock of the old formula so I cannot report "New Isocorts" effectiveness, however I cannot see any advantages over any other adrenal formula if there is no active cortisol. I hope this helps, and I will report if I find any new news.

Sep 01, 2013
so far so good
by: Anonymous

I have been taking Isocort for a month and have had no ill effects, but gradual increase in energy. I also take dessicated thyroid (1year)rather than prescription thyroid medication and am gradually feeling better. In the past I have also taken Drenamin and other glandulars for adrenal fatigue, with good results. Taking them as an adjunct to thyroid seems to be the best regime. Perhaps those who are unhappy with results actually need thyroid as well. The medical system doesn't seem to be up to the task of adequately dealing with hypothyroidism. I wouldn't try to self-medicate, but rely on a good naturopath for guidance.

Aug 25, 2013
by: OA

I also noticed this in June when my retailer suddenly stopped selling it. Wrote Bezwecken and received this reply.

Hi Ole

Isocort is still available and you can purchase it through your practitioner.

Thank you

Michelle Peck
Customer Service
503.682.7800 Office
503.682.7500 Fax

Aug 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

Bezwecken website DOES NOT LIST Isocort in the company's products list.

Have they stopped producing it.

If so for what reason?

Jun 13, 2013
Used both, here are my experiences
by: OA

I have had extreme AF and was rebuilding very slowly but surely for more than 2.5 years on the Wilson glandular plus a lot of other stuff. When I started using IsoCort (new formula) 2 years ago I got a BIG boost IMMEDIATELY and started to almost feel normal again. I started using 8-10 pellets, I am now down to 3-4, so I have improved, but this also due to using TCM herbals and energetic imprints of these. So I stopped taking the glandular and continued to take the IsoCort. Fyi, according to my sources, there is 2.5mg of hydrocortisone in each pellet, the rest is echnicaea and tablet fillers. The HC in the the new product is standard pharmaceutical stuff, like in Cortef etc. which is made through the old method of plant fermentation of soy beans. Its because Bezwecken mix it with the Echinacea that they are allowed to sell it as a dietary supplement in the US. Now I need to wean off it while going on the Wilson glandular again and that has to be done and monitored very carefully according to a specific protocol, otherwise you can end up with life threatening Addison's symptoms. What I SHOULD have done was to have continued on the glandular while on the Isocort, then I would likely have been able to stop it entirely now.

Apr 30, 2013
Adrenal Rebuilder
by: bernadette

Dr Wilson's adrenal rebuilder WAS a great product until he irresponsibly put some cheap INULIN in it --causes a lot of gas & bloating & nausea. I can't take it anymore. And the company wasn't very nice about it. too bad no one really knows what a adrenal fatigue patients go through.

Apr 30, 2013
by: Bernadette

to all: I don't think Bezwecken really cares. Tracy told me that the new Isocort is selling just fine. so they care more about animals than suffering human beings.

Apr 30, 2013
Not worth taking
by: Anonymous

I've been on Isocort for about 4 months now and I think my adrenals have actually gotten worse. I'm off it now and more tired than before I went on it.

Apr 25, 2013
New formula is a disappointment
by: Vanessa

I took the old formula and had wonderful results as long as I was on enough. When I got a batch of the new formula I soon saw and felt the affects. It was not the same at all. I don't feel as good on it. I would like the old sheep adrenal formula back. The new one helped me lose weight but that's just because I didn't have the adrenal support in the same way and I got a rash on my face. I had to go back on HC. The new formula is not a winner for me. :(

Apr 25, 2013
New Formula for Isocort
by: Anonymous

New formula (plant based) is all I have used. Had been instructed to start slowly with 1 tablet under my tongue to dissolve completely. Wow....really not tasty! I did not experience anything good or any bad reactions after a week, so I went up to 2 in the am. Within 3 or so days I began to experience the same G.I. reactions that I had had with RX steroid pills. Would like to see the option of the animal sourced formula; I would love some relief, some sleep, and some energy.

I understand that there is an effort being made to have all products from them to be vegetarian.

Apr 22, 2013
Changing Formulas
by: Anonymous

You would think that Bezwecken would get it together and listen to their clients. Reading how the old formula worked and now doesn't with Isocort is just like when they changed their formula for Phyto B. I took that for years and then they changed the formula. Needless to say, what use to work beautifully no longer worked. I was told it was only the change in the binding ingredients but a change is a change and if it changes how it works that is all it takes. Similar comments were on the internet. My naturopath wanted me to try Isocort but after one dose I decided that was it. I immediately got a head rush and feeling of dizziness. No more Bezwecken products for me.

Mar 29, 2013
by: Anonymous

I have been taking Isocort for 2 months and do not feel much change at all. I will be going to my physician and demanding testing of my adrenals. I was trying to go homeopathic, as I normally do.
Very dissappointed

Mar 21, 2013
synthroid user
by: Bernadette Fritz

to the synthyroid user---stay away from it --it 's junk! It's T4 only & you may have trouble making the conversion to T3. Get on dessicated thyroid--it's the whole gland. All conventional doctors know is Synthroid--doesn't work.

Mar 20, 2013
Weight Gain
by: Tired, Crabby & Chubby

My doctor has me on Synthroid 50mcd daily, as well and Thyrofem, and 4 pellets of Isocort in the morning. While my energy levels are improving (not near 100%) I've put on 10 lbs. without adding to my diet. Now I'm tired, crabby and chubby. :(

Mar 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

Please call Bezwecken immediately and ask for Tracy! She is the new customer complaint person and she is actually documenting the calls now . She said that the information will be passed on to the person who formulates . It is super important to CALL!

Mar 11, 2013
New IsoCort
by: Anonymous

I am experiencing brain fog and shakiness with the new IsoCort. I sent a message to the company to please bring back the old formula.


Feb 21, 2013
Changing my life.
by: Anonymous

It seems that some people do better with the animal base and some plant based. Reading other comments, I wish they offered both. I have CFS for almost 20 years. I was on Cortef, animal adrenal from pure encapsulations, adreset from metagenics and even tried an injectable animal based product that I was allergic to. I went off Cortef because I didn't know what pharmaceutical drug was giving me anaphylactic reactions. Went off everything. Started the 'new' isokort and it has been dramatically positive for me.

Feb 21, 2013
Echinacea for short-term use only
by: Geni47

I'm looking for a place to buy a good cortisol formula online, as low-dose corticosteroids are the ONLY thing that has ever helped my chronic pain, fatigue and brainfog. The old Isocort formula sounds like it would have been perfect, but most people do not seem happy with the new formula. I'm puzzled as to why any company would add echinacea to a formula intended for long-term use. Most herbalists recommend it for short-term use only, so that it won't tire out the immune system. Maybe the manufacturer thinks the echinacea will counterbalance the immune suppression caused by cortisol, but stimulating the immune system is contraindicated for chronic inflammatory conditions.

Dec 21, 2012
Under the tongue?
by: Anonymous

My Naturopath has told me to bite 4 of these Bezwecken plant-based pills in half and put them under my tongue for 5 minutes. They are soooo bitter tasting and didn't disolve in 5 minutes. I felt really sick afterwards. Does anyone know if I can just swallow them instead???

Dec 18, 2012
I cant believe the benefit of this PRODUCT!
by: Anonymous

I have not taken the old formula so I cannot testify to their effectiveness. however, I have only taken the new Isocort for 3 days and my mental stamina, fatigue and feeling of happiness has returned! I have suffered from extreme fatigue for years. I have to take an afternoon nap on my lunch break EVERYDAY! Even after a 45 min nap my mind struggles to complete my tasks. I have 2 children and when I get home, I have no energy to help with homework. Like I stated earlier, it's only been a few days and I have been able to skip my lunch time nap and I have so much energy! I CANT BELIEVE IT! For those who took the old product, I wonder if your system has a tolerance and is rejecting the new formula? I am in love with this PRODUCT!

Dec 16, 2012
Allergic reaction to plant-derived Isocort
by: Anonymous

I took thee old Isocort many years ago, along with DHEA, and it helped. Now my arsenal fatigue is much worse. The new Isocort immediately made me itch, but the itching stopped after a few days. I was able to get outre pods bed in the mornings without feeling like was literally dragging around the weight of my body.

Within 6 weeks, though, the itching had returned. My doctor said the itching stores for awhile because my body developed a tolerance for the Isocort, but then started reacting again. Now I take and adrenal glandular and ashwaganda in addition to vitamin B complex and arsenal tincture. I wonder if all the supplementation is too much for my adrenals and is producing opposite of the intended effect. I read in the book "Tired of Being Tired" that out is detrimental to take lots of supplements when the adrenal fatigue is severe.

Nov 06, 2012
New Formula
by: Anonymous

I too used the old formula and it saved my life. Since the reformulation I do not get near the same results. I have called the company to complain, They are caving to the vegetarians evidently as they no longer use glandulars but wild yam. I have been on this site before I believe. I think that it is a travesty to those of us who are ill and need relief!

Nov 05, 2012
So sad it changed!
by: Anonymous

I used the old formula and it was a miracle (I took 4 pills in the am and 4 pills in the afternoon). It helped me have energy, think clearly, stopped the shaking, and I even stop picking up colds. The new formula makes me shaky and I just can't tolerate it, not even one pill. I am so sad and disappointed! I will email the company tonight and beg!!!

Oct 19, 2012
by: BERNADETTE fritz

regarding isocort. Many people are saying it is not working. they may be swallowing like a pill, but the correct way to take it is just chew on it until it is pulverized in your mouth--it works immediately. If you need a substitute other than isocort, try liquid adrenal cortex extract(drops). Arrowhead Healthworks has the best & the owner really great(Carolyn).

Hope this will help you out. Also, for thyroid support, Modifilan(raw seaweed) is excellent!

Oct 12, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am terribly upset over this new formulation.
Like others commenting here it was my panacea.
Now it does nothing. I have contacted the company about this and all I got were "sorries"! I wish there was something else to replace it with but I have no idea what it is. I am on a complicated adrenal program which worked initially but not now.
I am panic stricken as I can no longer function. This is not a new thing,but now it is worse.

Aug 20, 2012
New Isocort
by: Anonymous

I was on Hydrocortisone and my Dr told me to switch over to Isocort as I am tapering down, I don't have the heart palp, my rash from cortisone went away in three days. I am tapering down and can feel this is much more gentle on my body. I did not try old isocort but tried many adrenals cortex glandulars. didn't help me made me sick to my stomach. The cortisone amped me out so much just wired and tired ! I am feeling back to myself a bit and not like I am on some speed. I have cortisone is it fails but so far so good.
I don't see why you couldn't add a glandular and support if you are building your adrenals?

I recommend if on cortisone to do a third of isocort for a few days then a half for a few days then 3/4 and so on . Only you know how you should feel.

Jun 22, 2012
from old Isocort to new
by: Bernadette Fritz

I was about 2/3 of the way into adrenal fatigue & taking the old Isocort,which was fabulous. When Bezwecken changed to plant cortisol, I was concerned that I wouldn't get the same effect as the old. thankfully, to my sheer delight, the new plant version is great. I felt no difference from the old to the new. the new Isocort is just as strong & effective as the old. I also agree that we should have a choice & have both to choose from. By the way, the old version was adrenal sheep cortex, which would give just cortisol & not epinephrine. the new one does the same, but w/plant cortisol. Either way, the adrenal need a rest & we all need the lacking cortisol to function & to rest the adrenals. I would add for the people who did not like it, to say that eating really well & resting & slow exercise might really help. Also, if they were not supporting the thyroid, that could have been the problem. I take a great nascent iodine each day also. Check out Dr Lam--they are helping me too---great people. God bless!!

Jun 09, 2012
isocort is not only not working-i'm worse
by: Anonymous

My adrenals barely function and I have struggled with fatigue for years now. My acupuncturist just figured this out and put me on dhea and now isocort. Not only is the isocort not working, it seems to be making me WAY worse. I can barely function now and feel like the life is draining out of me. I have never tried the old isocort, but it sounds like it worked much better.

May 01, 2012
ISOCORT changed for the worse
by: Anonymous

The new Isocort does not work for me at all. I absolutely loved the companies old formula (freeze-dried adrenal cortex from sheep) and used to recommend it to anyone who suffered with adrenal fatigue, like myself. It is so disappointing, as I have taken a few other supplements and none of them worked the way that Isocort did previously.

Apr 02, 2012
New Isocort
by: Frances

I changed over to old Formula (oF) Isocort from taking Nutri-Adrenal in 2009. I thought Isocort was wonderful - I wish I had found it years ago.I was able to take the amount I needed and still take a little more if I had an extra stress like going to the dentist. I have hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. (oF)Isocort changed my life - until the new formula came out. The new stuff was ineffectual - my symptoms of adrenal fatigue came back - I might as well been taking smarties. Unfortunately, I reluctantly had to start taking hydrocortosone instead. I did not want to start taking hydorcortosone but I now have to. I have a little stash of about 15 (oF) Isocort left for stress dosing. Can the old Isocort be reinstated? Why can't we have both the old and new formulas so that people can choose?

Jan 30, 2012
New Forumla is Terrible
by: Anonymous

I have adrenal insufficiency and had been on isocort for 8 years. The new forumla is not only not working but giving me terrible side effects. I am beside myself as I am not sure what to turn to replace it. There are quite a few reviews up around the web now of people having a hard time with the new formula. For anyone that is now relapsing please contact Bezwecken and tell them to bring back the old formula. There are people who depend on this!

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