Gluten Intolerance and Adrenal Fatigue

by Greg

I am 100% cured of my 'adrenal fatigue'. I've been very unwell for over 7 months now (bed bound in July) and been diagnosed with AF by naturopaths and via self diagnosis. Allopathic doctors either didn't know what to say or suggested the possibility of CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).

My cure? Cutting out gluten. Yes that's right. All of my AF symptoms such as extreme fatigue, foggy brain, balance issues, low stress threshold, irritability are also symptoms of gluten intolerance! I had no idea. Check out various celiac websites.

I figured this out while travelling in China where they don't eat a lot of wheat based food. All of sudden I was feeling good until I had a big bowl of wheat noodles one day.

Three weeks has passed and I feel amazing. 100% in every way. All symptoms gone. I haven't been tested for gluten intolerance but the drastic health rebound is just too convincing to ignore. I got my life back!!!!! Now within 15 minutes of ingesting gluten I'm back to AF symptoms and the rest of the day is shot.

If even a handful of you suffering these challenging symptoms are secretly gluten intolerant, I urge everyone to try cutting it out of your diet for a month and seeing what happens. It's no risk for the possibility of getting healthy again. I know how bad you're feeling. Will you try?

Same goes for CFS folks as the symptoms are so similar and I, for one, do not accept what the CFS societies say about, "start lowering expectations for your life" when they also acknowledge they don't know what causes CFS or how to do anything more than manage symptoms.

I'm with you. Good luck.


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Mar 15, 2018
Gluten Free NEW
by: Anita

I was faithful to a Gluten Free diet for almost 5 years! It did not help! I made all meals at home, no gluten. Doesn't sound like you had AF.

Dec 10, 2016
Oats NEW
by: Anonymous

My symptoms come on after eating oats. I went on a gf diet, and discovered that oats, even gf oats, cause sxs to flare up. So I do a gf diet and avoid all oats. I have battled for 14 yrs, lost two careers, became bed ridden, and too sick to even apply for disability. By chance I decided to try gf diet, and now am on road to recovery. If gf alone does not work, I suggest elimination diet. What do you have to gain?

Nov 19, 2016
Crucial Adrenal supplements NEW
by: Anonymous


Ive suffered from adrenal fatigue for about 9 years brought on by extreme stress. I finally got help on by sbout the 6th doctor i tried (i would cry in doctor rooms when they wouldnt know how to help me even though i was do incredibly sick) hes an integrative GP in Australia which is a GP who treats naturally. I was so sick, so burnt out had severe insomnia and just trying to get through each day was so hard but he put me on a wide range of supplements to rebuild my adrenal glands, i was willing to try anything. Im actually back on them all now and will never probably go off them again as i let myself get burnt out badly again which i was very upset with myself.
Adrenal rebuilding herbal supplement im using one by Gaia
Vitamin D3 this is crucial
B vitamins 3,6,12 this is very crucial to recovery
Magnesium you will need a lot, i use a topical spray
Vitamin C this is crucial
D ribose for energy
going gluten free is a must and lots of rest. I was doing hardcore workouts for 6 months which made me unwell as it was too much for my adrenals so be selective with exercise.

Mar 11, 2016
by: Andy

Hi Greg

I have exactly the same story as you! I've had AF symptoms for about 18 months generally getting worse I thought it was from over training after 8 months of no training still had the symptoms. Stopped eating food with gluten in it within days I was starting to feel better it's been about 10 days now and I'm feelling better all the time.I presume it must have an effect on the Adrenal Glands...

Mar 22, 2015
Adrenal fatigue
by: LenaAnonymous

I have adrenal fatigue probably 14 years but the worst has been the last 3 months I am bedridden. I just started going to Dr Diana Schwarzbein in Santa Barbara an endocronologist who specializes in this. Starting on bio-identical hormones & her diet & may have to take hydrocortisone

Jan 28, 2015
Feel like Giving up, nothing is working
by: Anonymous

Tried gluten free for 1 1/2months with no betterment of extreme AF. Too tired to even write my whole story...have had this state of exhaustion for about 5 years and it's just getting worse. Started around my 50th birthday. There are many days and sleepless nights where I feel the end is near and my heart will just stop and that'll be it. Don't know what else to try anymore, tried it all pretty much. Taking high vit. C doses now, sodium ascorbate powder up to 5-8gr per day in hopes of effecting any hidden inflamation I may have somewhere that may be playing a role in this downward spiral.

Dec 08, 2014
by: Tutu

That's great!! Really happy for you but it sounds to me you are celiac.
I have A. Exhaustion, I am grade 3, flat line low abnormal on my saliva test. I became gluten intolerant a couple of years ago. Changed my whole diet, make only gluten free meals etc, removed sugar. Very little carbs, like a diabetic diet, loads of water daily cuz I am always thirsty.

I still have A.exhaustion, on prednisolone.

I think you may be celiac perhaps? Rather than A.F.? Which is great news really!!! I am so happy you are well!!!! That's great, fantastic news!!!!!

There is no doubt A.F. Sufferers have many time gluten intolerance due to the gastric problems and sometimes due to the Gastric Parietal Cell mutation,

THis is amazing, so happy you feel great!!!! Stay healthy and take good care!!! So happy for you!!! Whoooo hoooooo!!!

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