Everett, WA doc...in between King and Skagit County

by Racquel
(Burlington, WA USA)

Hi. I haven't seen her yet but www.everettintegretivemedicine.com doesn't specifically state that she handles adrenal fatigue, but with everything else she handles I'm certain she would be an ally for the adrenal challenged.

If you want an even more alternative approach, Josie, at www.FourSeasonsWellness.com in Seattle also works with the adrenals and thyroid. She is an acupuncturist.

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May 31, 2012
Check out Dr. Olivia Franks NEW
by: Anonymous

Check out Dr. Olivia Franks at the Snohomish Naturopathic Clinic. She worked along side of Dr. Jonathon Wright at the Tahoma Clinic. I am currently one of her patients and travel to Seattle periodically from wisconsin. Dr. Franks offers chelation therapy to remove heavy metals and also offers detoxification classes. She has successfully helped people with a wide variety of health issues through the combination of proven natural therapies and identifying root causes to illness: from high blood pressure, menopause, menstrual disturbances, autoimmune issues, digestive problems, high cholesterol, chronic fatigue, prostate enlargement, Meniere’s disease, fibromyalgia, cancer prevention, low thyroid and other endocrine ailments to ear infections, headaches and seasonal allergies. Dr. Franks is pleased to bring her skills to the local community

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