Dr. NIcole Weigl McCarter

by Lisa
(Brooklyn, NY)

After 4 years of seeking out doctor after doctor, getting weaker and weaker and living in terror that I wouldn't ever get better and would have to apply for disability, I finally stumbled upon the website of Dr. Nicole Weigl McCarter.

I took a gamble on her free 15 minute consultation (it sounded hokey but wasn't). She is well versed in adrenal fatigue and all of the miserable symptoms that go with it.

She is kind, patient, always gets back to you quickly and really knows her stuff. She is an ND- naturopathic doctor.

What's really great is that although she lives in California, she can Skype of call you and send all lab work through email.

I have a long way to go since I had been in such terrible shape for so long, but 8 months into working with her I am slowly but surely gaining ground. I realize I have a ways to go, still get tired out quickly and have a limited social life but I am able to get through the work day and take a paycheck home.

I feel incredibly lucky to have found her. Her fees are expensive but not outrageous-- maybe &150.00 for the initial consult and $90.00 for 45 minute follow ups.

I spent far more on what I thought were great doctors in NYC, who didn't help at all.

Good luck to you all out there.

Don't give up, even when you are in your deepest despair. It will pass. It will get better.
My love to you all.

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