Dr. Alan Weiss, MD - Annapolis, MD

He is smart smart doctor. He understands that TSH does not work for me. I take 4-5 grains of Nature-throid per day. Scroll down to see "My Experience".

1. He wants an in-person visit about once every 18 months.
2. After that, he allows doctor visits by phone - he mails you a lab slip, which you take to a blood draw and testing center (e.g. Quest Diagnostics or Lab Corp), and then you visit by phone to discuss lab results and symptoms. This is great because I do live a couple of hours away and do not need to take time off from work for the doctor appointments!
3. He charges your credit card ($150) and sends you the insurance forms to file yourself. I file my own forms and am reimbursed 70%.
4. He mails you the scripts for medication, which you fill.

My experience: When I first went to see him, it was after I had ordered my own saliva testing for 4 x 24. My cortisol results were flat-lined - stage 6 adrenal fatigue. I had tremendous body pain, food allergies, bone loss, depression, hypoglycemic episodes, and serious fatigue. If I hadn't found Stop the Thyroid Madness, I would be dead by now. All of those symptoms vanished after getting my ft3 above mid-point of lab range. Bone density actually improved over the next 8 yrs, but then I went through meno and density dropped again. I was on Enbrel and Humira for pain, which was diagnosed as Rheumatoid Arthritis. That pain vanished entirely after getting ft3 up, and I am no longer on those medications. Pain is gone - entirely.

I have tried to educate other doctors, but if you had had my experience you would agree that the most doctors are far too uneducated and unwilling to learn. Stick with the smart ones - Dr. Weiss is one.

Dr. Weiss partnered with Dr. Jacob Tietelbaum for 10 yrs. He had normal doctor qualifications plus extra education. He believes in nutritional and hormonal testing and I do too.

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Sep 03, 2015
more info on dr weiss
by: Anonymous

Hi - thanks for your recommendation. I live in DE & am having trouble finding a doctor to treat longstanding thyroid and adrenal issues. I'm @ 1.5 hours away from Dr. Weiss, which is worth it if he is good. Does he also effectively treat adrenal fatigue? I want a doctor who is willing to prescribe medications - cortef, florinef - if necessary, not just vitamins and minerals. Any more info you can post on him would be great.

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