Desperate to find an adrenal fatigue doctor in Dubai, UAE

by Jeanette
(Dubai, UAE )

I don't have a Dr despite having extremely low saliva cortisol testing, I didn't get into even low normal, on my curve chart!!
Abnormal low DHEA in fact non existent!

I am still struggling on my own even though I have a "functional' MD.

I am taking prednisiolone and DHEA which I juggle because of how much energy I use.
I eat a very very healthy, drink lots of water, low low sugar and carbs.

I am thinking of coming to the states just to seek help!!! Any ideas?????

Thank you!! Feel free to ask anything!


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Aug 19, 2017
The right doctor
by: Ali

Hi, Please visit Dr. Shefali Verma in health case city. She treats the adrenals and is known for this speciality.

She works under the clinic name of institute of biophysical medicine.

Many thanks

Jul 23, 2017
seeking a functional MD too
by: Jo

Hi Jen,
I'm in Dubai too. Have you been able to find one yet?

Jun 01, 2015
Good results with Dr. Augustine
by: Anonymous

I had a few friends consult with him and they all had good results mainly with increased energy, losing weight and feeling more motivated. He practices near Niagara Falls. Office # 716-773-4707. Hope this helps.

Apr 19, 2015
Dr. Kalish
by: Anonymous

Dr. Daniel Kalish is a good doctor that treats adrenal fatigue and does international consultations.
You'll have to ask them how to order their test kits internationally.
His website:
Good Luck!

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