Chicago, IL adrenal doctor wanted

by Peggy
(Crete, IL USA)

I am looking for a Dr. who specializes in adrenal glands in the Chicago, IL or the west central area of Indiana.

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Mar 16, 2019
adrenal cryo surgery
by: Anonymous

I am also looking for a doctor that has this specialty. I need adrenal surgery. Let me know if you have any information in regards to this issue..
michael @
thank you, michael

Dec 28, 2015
Elk Grove Village, IL
by: Anonymous

Dr. Patrick Massey
Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Dec 05, 2012
Great doctor in Ann Arbor, MI
by: Tammi

Sounds like this local clinic has great docs too, but if Ann Arbor MI isn't too far there is a great clinic there! A number of people on this site have commented extensively about Dr. Boggess (see thread below)and I have to agree with all of it. Only problem is sometimes there is wait period and he has also recently stopped taking some insurances (but still takes others).

Here is the review I wrote a month or so ago.

Good luck.

I left Dr. Boggess office a resident expert in stress and insomnia after my first official visit. Don't know how I learned so much in 80 minutes, but he really educates you and helps you understand what is happening. He tied together my insomnia, depression, reflux, muscle tension, and lack of sex drive all to my tired worn out adrenals. I have a son with minor autism and have been working with Dr. Boggesss for over a year now with my son, (who was also in "fight or flight," and suffering miserable.) Anyhow, i was ignoring my own issues like most mom's do... But as my son started to do better I started wanting to focus on my own health. Now we are both doing so well. I'm telling all the moms I know, "help yourself too..." Probably one of the best doctors in Michigan for this type of problem given all the stressed families his office deals with. Definitely a heartfelt team approach.

Check it out.

Website is
phone is 734-929-2696

Oct 17, 2012
Definitely go to WholeHealth Chicago!
by: Janae

As the previous person posted, Dr. Edelberg or his partner Dr. Casey Kelley - who I saw last month, are well-versed in adrenal cortex fatigue. Your appointments are astoundingly thorough...they ask questions that you wouldn't expect from a "regular" doctor. They understand what leads to adrenal fatigue and the process it takes to recover (supplements, sometimes prescription medications, exercise, stress reduction, etc.). Yes, it is integrated medicine...and I'm an R.N., so was a little skeptical. But I'm happy to report that after seeing them a month ago I'm on my way to getting my life back! Good luck to you...

Oct 11, 2012
Chicago doctors
by: Anonymous

I would recommend Dr. David Edelberg or Dr. Keith Berndston. They both use a whole body approach and are respectful of the financial constraints that many of us with adrenal fatigue have. Dr. Edelberg has a pretty straight forward approach and is a pretty no non-sense, but caring type of doctor. Dr. Berndston thinks outside the box a little bit more and is very compassionate. Both of them use an integrative medicine approach, meaning they use medications, herbs and supplements to support the body's healing abilities. If you're anxious to get in right away, Dr. Berndston might be a better choice. Dr. Edelberg usually has a very long waiting list of 2-3 months.

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