Birmingham, Alabama Need Adrenal Gland Specialist Asap Please...

by Pamm
(Birmingham, Alabama USA)

Please contact me at pusasales @ if you know of any Doctors Endo's that specialize in The Adrenal Glands please. I have Addison's, and have been through 3 Endo doctors that don't have a clue what they are doing and I can't get better with what they telling me to do. Thank you! Pamm Gassaway

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Mar 27, 2017
Need expert specialist for adrenal suppression follow up and thyroid function
by: Peggy

Birmingham Al and metro areas
Please help

Aug 07, 2014
adrenal fatigue doctor in dallas tx pls NEW
by: david

Hy I feel like iam dying pls ive had this for almost 6 years doctors told me it was my anxiety then depression then migranes then highblood preasure my life basically ended 6 years ago iam sick most of the time i have a family I tecently found out I had this ir was a miracle but now iam sad iam so close yet so far i dont know whats next pls if anynody has any informTion about a place i could go pls

Jul 13, 2012
To the person being treated in Greenville, AL NEW
by: H. Rutledge

Will the person being treated in Greenville, AL, please give us a recent update on your progress.

Jan 15, 2012
Found great doctor in Greenville, AL NEW
by: Anonymous

Hey, been suffering from adrenal exhaustion for years and have finally found a doctor that will treat me. His name is Dr. John c. Stephens in Greenville, AL. Been on treatment for almost a week now, and can already tell a huge difference. Have lost 6 lbs off my waist and mood is really improving. Good luck and please find help soon. Life is too short to not be enjoying Gods world.

Oct 21, 2011
I'm in Cullman and need the same help
by: Greg Copeland


I'm Greg Copeland in Cullman and I experience a drenal crashes way too often. Have you had any luck with your inquiry? I don't know of anyone that has this expertise... I would appreciate any advice you might give me.



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