Battling adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, and candida all at the same time

(Aubrey texas)

I'm 56 and I've never felt good. I remember I had an yeast infection through all of my high school years and never told anyone. I'm a very stressed person. Married and raised three children. How we never divorced I'll never know. Guess through the grace of God. I have always had something wrong with me. Sinus infections, bladder infections, head aches starting in mid twenties., etc. cabinets full of medications. I would get spurts of energy then down then a spurt then down. It's just life I guess. Everyone's like this I assumed.

Then in June of 2015 my husband was leaving again after being home for one year to work in Iraq. He has been working overseas for 10 years now. That same June my daughter went to prison.

My husband suggested I see a therapist because I told him I had fatigue like I've never experienced before. I also had extreme brain fog. I kept telling everyone that something had happened to me. Maybe a stroke. I wasn't the same at all. I didn't care about anything anymore. Maybe something happened to me after I had shingles in November 2014.

The therapist suggested I get on hormones since I had had a total hysterectomy when I was thirty. So I began Premarin knowing I'd probably gain weight. Shortly after I gained 10 pounds. I did feel better. But decided it was the weight or crazy. I chose crazy. So several months went by still feeling ok not on one prescription. Then I slowly started feeling bad again and decided to try to find a natural hormone.

Someone suggested a Dr. near by so I went. Never had anyone ran so many test and actually gave them to me. Forgot to mention I'm getting Botox shots for pass five for migraines.

Dr Lisa Houk diagnosed me with adrenal fatigue, confirmed my fibromyalgia, and put me on one month supply of diflucan for yeast. Cortisol to boost my glands.

I started watching youtube videos of all the problems. Learn I had to be on a very strict diet. Absolutely no sugar, no bread, and no dairy. I just eat meat and veggies, eggs, yogurt and nuts. I've been doing this for 2 months now. Lost those 10 pounds. It's hard but I got used to it. It beats feeling bad. So bad you would do anything. I really didn't want to live anymore.

I'm taking a low dose naltrexone for my fibromyalgia and am completely pain free and headache free in twenty years. I take vitamin d, vitamin b complex, potassium, magnesium at night, melatonin for sleep. My energy is back and I am off of the cortisol now. Still working on the yeast. It is better. That's what causes the brain fog. The dr told me this is the order of things that cause the problems. Stress, sleep and the foods we eat. You must know there's sugar in everything. It is killing us. Life is getting great again. Thank you God.

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Dec 18, 2017
can u help me, I'm in the same desperate place! NEW
by: Anonymous

I too have all the same issues. Did you see a traditional dr. or alt.? I can't get any help and all I have done is suffer for many years. Can you contact me w/the details of your recovery? Life isn't worth living like this. Please help me!


Jan 27, 2017
fully recovered? NEW
by: Anonymous

Very welldone I really glad to hear that you feel good again and I was just wondering how do you feel now? how long does it take to fully recover?

Aug 18, 2016
Congratulations! NEW
by: Lisa P

Aubrey, what a heartwarming story to read for me first thing in the morning. Congratulations on finally finding a path to wellness. Please hang in there. Remember that you did not get sick overnight, so it will take time to heal. I too, had all the problem you have had and more; total endocrine failure, no adrenal hormones, no usable thyroid hormone, no growth hormone, all of it. I have been able to heal and wean off ALL of the replacement hormones and slowly getting my life back at the age of almost 60 years. Very grateful.
Blessings to you for continued healing.

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