Amy L. Jarvis, MD. Jacksonville, Florida

by Amy L Jarvis, MD
(Jacksonville, Florida)

I am a practicing neurologist in Jacksonville, Florida who has actually suffered adrenal fatigue myself, and has gone through the angst of having my primary physician and endocrinologist tell me (an MD!) "you look fine, there is nothing wrong with you!" Meanwhile, all of my hormones where completely bottomed out, I had hit a physical wall, and I was desperate! I did my own research, came up with my own diagnosis and began treating myself. After 4 months, I am feeling like a whole person again. Finally. My stamina is building back up. It has been quite a shock to find the resistance within the medical profession to admitting that AF or "relative adrenal insufficiency" as it is also known within the medical community, exists, and finding anyone to listen and NOT call it CPS (chronic pain syndrome) or fibromyalgia. Or depression and medication side effects as I was told.

I will be starting a website since this is my new project. If you are looking for an understanding physician in Florida or have questions or comments, feel free to email me at For obvious reasons,
I cannot give medical advice outside of a professional medical setting.

Best of luck to all of you suffering from this! I hope you do find an understanding physician. Be well!

Please note that an organization called the Adrenal Fatigue Institute is associated with the bogus product Cylapril, and is NOT recommended by this website (Adrenal Fatigue I do not know if that is the same Adrenal Fatigue Institute that Dr. Jarvis is connected with, as my email to her at the address given in her comment was undeliverable. A google search for either Adrenal Fatigue Institute or Cylapril will give you more information on the complaints regarding that product. A google search of Dr. Amy L. Jarvis does confirm that she is a practicing neurologist in Florida.

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Mar 16, 2019
Help me and my family I am so afraid
by: Kelly Wiederhold

Please help me I have acquired adrenal insufficiency after suffering a rare amniotic fluid embolism, other injuries, c-section repair, 3 hernias, PTSD, narcolepsy with cataplexy and complicated migraine disorders and seizures. I am not properly being cared for since coming here from the Mayo Clinic in MN. Not one doctor will follow my care plan yet not one has seen a case of it at all or this bad complicated by other disorders and medication. I have insurance that requires no referral. I also have gone to many ERs and had horrible treatment due to lack of knowledge I am terrified and suffering and it is a hardship to my family in incredible ways. Nobody understands the fear and panic when in crisis and to be treated poorly adds to my absolute agony.
Contact me at @ or
970 819 6451.

Feb 05, 2018
by: Peggy

Dr, Jarvis,

I have recently been going thru some ver difficult times, with tiredness, getting sleepy in the afternoon, getting very little sleep, no appetite, lost about 10 lbs, high blood pressure,.

I was diagnosed 20 years ago, with fibromyalgia, I had rectal cancer when that diagnosis was made, I was given B12 shots, there were really no treatments at that time, while looking on the internet I see there is a blood test that can diagnose fibromyalgia at this time. I have seen my family Dr. Who has recently moved her practice to Sarasota, Fl. What suggestions could you give me. I am lost. Thanking you for this opportunity to talk with you.


Oct 20, 2017
Adrenal Fatigue Help JAX
by: Anonymous

Hi, looking for a provider of treatment for adrenal fatigue in JA or St Augustine. Thank y’all

Jun 28, 2016
Looking for professional help
by: Terri

Anyone have any recommendations for adrenal fatigue and hormone replacement anywhere in Florida or South Georgia? I am in Jacksonville willing to travel. Desperate!!!.

Aug 08, 2015
Looking for a MD or DO NEW
by: Anonymous

Please anyone reading this email I have been looking for a primary or specialist MD or DO with in a two hour drive of Daytona fl that understands the diagnosis of adrenal Fatigue, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. If anyone knows of one please send me a email I have moved to the area a year ago and haven't found anyone. I am desperate as I would never randomly give out my email address I am trusting that all readers will not abuse my address.
Thank you for reading and any help Lee

Aug 08, 2015
Looking for a Primary Dr who understands autoimmune disorders NEW
by: Anonymous

i have FM,CF ,MCS and scoleraderma. Moved to Daytona area from Fl Keys have not been able to find any Dr in the area that understands any of these disorders. I have been looking for a year. How can I make an appointment with you or can you recommend a local MD or DO?
Help please

Jun 19, 2013
adrenal insufficiency NEW
by: Anonymous

how can we get an appointment? 257 6768

Aug 16, 2012
High testerone Level=adrenal fatigue
by: gennie

Dr.Jarvis,I am a mother of a 37yr old daughter.diagnosed with sjorgdens and lupus.She has a testerone level 3 yes 3 times what it should be. she hurts,has thinning hair,hotflashes,doesn't sleep etc.,etc. she is seeing and endo,did ultrasound no cysts on ovaries,was a problem in her teens, so rules out at this time PCOD.He put her on metformin, to help with excess body hair growth. Should we be seeing a better dr. I am scared to death I will loose her because no one seems to follow thro. Does this adrenal fatigue fit any of the symptoms she may have,and should we just go to mayo or other large hosp. HELP HELP thanks gennie

Jul 11, 2012
Arenal fatigue & benzo withdrawl
by: Lee

Dr. Jarvis I'm a 43 year old male who has probably had adrenal fatigue for over 20 years. That's a whole 'nother story. I was able to function. I always assumed I had primary low blood sugar & secondary adrenal fatigue(I think it's the opposite). Doctors were useless, it wasn't until I did research & change diet that I was able to function.

Problem I'm now having is I began having chronic insomnia over a year ago(my adrenal's were high @ night). I tried natural remedies which would peter out quickly.Long story short me(a pill phobe..who never took aspirin) got rx a benzo for sleep. Did not know the hell I would be in for. Tried to taper off several times without success. Tried raising doses to ward off side effect. I don't get deep sleep on them,& nothing without them.The benzo plus other junk is definately making my adrenal fatigue worse!

I live in FL about 3 hours away. Do you think you could be of any help...I've been told I'm a complicated case. If you could help please let me know. Thanks


Feb 03, 2012
cannot find treatment
by: Renae

Hello Dr. Jarvis,

I am looking for help for my 55 yr old husband who was diagnosed with AF 1 1/2 yrs ago via a saliva test. He is slowly getting worse with low heart rate, crushing fatigue, and insomnia. I understand you are a neurologist by training, but do you offer treatment for this disease? Do you know of any physicians in NW Florida that do? We are in Pensacola and getting very desperate. My husband is no longer able to work. Thank-you for your time.


Jan 05, 2012
Dr. Jarvis
by: Cymbeline

To find dr Jarvis, just google her name, and neurologist and Jacksonville. Aetna bldg, 10th floor. Well worth the travel time and expense as she is truly the best physician in northeast Florida/southeast Georgia. In fact, best I've been to in many, many years of searching for a physician who was intelligent enough to actually LISTEN and try to understand what the patient is telling them, instead of blocking the patient out by cubby holing them into, "chronic fatique, fibromyalgia or just plain hypochondriac.".

Had I only known about her sooner, I'd have happily taken time off and flown or driven to her. As it is and far advanced in my illness, am still very grateful for dr. Jarvis help. If you possibly can, check her out, she is that good and more!

Dec 25, 2011
Help please
by: Melissa

I have adrenal fatigue - confirmed through a 24 hour saliva panel. I can't get help and feel as though I am on my death bed. I am only 36 and can barely get out of bed. I have low bp, low sugar, chronic nausea, debilitating fatigue, weakness, am always lightheaded and can no longer be left alone with my children. Do you do telephone consultations? Please let me know if there is anything you could say to help me.....

Dec 04, 2011
would love to know more on your website
by: Lyn

I am a "retired" RN (42)because of Adrenal Fatigue...i think you can imagine the stresses there..but along with a life collapse I am no longer able to work...of course, there are no doctors here...middle of nowhere Texas who even believe Adrenal Fatigue exists...its a fantasy disease...yes I look normal on the outside...but they dont see the multitude of symptoms I have, sometimes I dont even..until they occur with such a pattern that even the adrenal fatigue induce FOG see them!!!!! I crashed a year ago...I have been doing well for several months now doing everything to prevent relapse...but I am still looking for "cure" ..right!! I would love to know of your website, if you have built it or any progress you have made, even to come see you. I am currently researching this disease in relation to my hypertension as well, I cant get it down...Im afraid if I dont find something to help, I will end up with severe vascular damage from it...I would love to see what you have found or even help...since most of my days are spent lying down because of the email is and I would love to hear from you.

Oct 08, 2011
Thank goodness!
by: Anonymous

I have severe adrenal fatigue that I only found out about because my MD had it too, like you! I lost four years of my life and almost had my career totally destroyed by this condition. I think that the unwillingness of MDs to recognize this condition is ridiculous. So many people are suffering needlessly. Thanks for doing your part to change this problem.

Jan 10, 2011
Adrenal Fatigue appointment
by: Glynda

Dr. Jarvis, I like your posts and attitude. As a neurologist, do you also accept patients with adrenal fatigue? I have called your office number, left a message and eagerly wait to make an appointment with you.

Oct 29, 2010
I really need help
by: Donna in Georgia

Dear Dr. Jarvis,

I would like to email you but this will not go through. Do you have another email? Do you know any doctors in GA that you will recommend. Is there anything that I can do to help myself.

Oct 22, 2010
Low T and AF
by: Anonymous

Well, I happened upon this site and blog and am in hopes that I may have found an answer to my 40 year old husbands health problems. In short, I remember about 7 years ago, he was tired all the time, went to the doctor with chronic yawning. Dr told him he was sleep deprived and gave him a sleeping pill. Time went on, he started having lots of tendon problems, simple injuries that wouldn't heal. More time went by and a NP suggested after a year long trapezius injury that kept him in so much pain he couldn't sleep suggested he have his testosterone checked. He was 39 at the time. The test showed it was 200!! So he took shots every month for a while, then used Androgel for a few months. They checked the level and it was only in the low 300's. He went back on shots, every 2 weeks now and last check it was 270. He owns a glass business and work it pretty much alone, but lately has been having to take a nap every afternoon to function. My question is...would AF be causing the low T? He does not eat healthy, too much sweets, no veggies at all. Meat and potatoes, mac and cheese and spaghetti is his food of choice. Several cokes per day too. What do you think?

Oct 12, 2010
just an idea
by: Shawn in AR

Dr. Jarvis, I resently read an article about natural cures for adrenal fatigue, using vitamin C and PABA. These cures are supposed to lower the hormone cortisol. My question is if I have low levels of cortisol to begin with; is that why I am allergic to PABA? Let's say I have high levels of cortisol, what could happen? I've always been allergic to PABA. Could being allergic to it be because of my adrenal cortex? Do you find any simularities between adrenal fatigue and low testosterone? I have found that both have symptoms of stress, depression, loss of energy, mood swings,and loss of self-worth or well-being. Yes, I feel I have all of these.
I have many questions and feel it is easiler to type than to talk one on one with a doctor. It's uncomfortable for me. Thank you Shawn in AR

Oct 12, 2010
looking 4 doctors in all the wrong places
by: Anonymous

Dr. Jarvis, do you know of anyone in Arkansas who believes as you do about adrenal fatigue. My family doctor is old school and he would just think I'm a product of the younger generation.

Thanks Shawn in AR

Oct 11, 2010
Thanks for your comment!
by: Anonymous

If you decide on a weekend getaway and can include a Friday, I would be happy to see you!

Amy L Jarvis MD

Oct 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

Wish you were in Naples, instead of Jacksonville!

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