After Years of Going 1000 MPH I am On The Mend

by Frances

I am a 52-year old woman who has had a hard-charging career in the fire protection services for decades. That means there is no such thing as an 8-hour day. My days were long-4 AM-7 PM and go go go, with hours of daily travel to meeting not uncommon. Throw in a promotion, employees, a large wildfire in my area, menopause, a divorce, and I knew was that I was no longer able to go go go and keep up the energy levels I was accustomed to pouring out. I began to be unable to sleep, was groggy all the time, and irritable while on those long drives in the mountains with vacation traffic while I am trying to get to the next meeting. I was exhausted, but had always enjoyed being active and having a healthy diet low in sugar. But I was putting on belly fat at an alarming rate, no matter what I did. Too much sitting, I said. but I was getting more and more tired and so even taking a walk wasn't fun anymore. Can't I just sleep, please? For about a year, please? All test resu;ts (blood work) was normal.

A friend who is an RN suggested I go to a physician who deals primarily with women for menopause in our area and is more open to non-conventional treatments. I was a bit skeptical, as my mom is an RN and I am an EMT. I am wary of some people practicing "holistic medicine" and doling out tons of supplements of unknown sources.

I was wrong. So in May 2011, my life changed.

This physician is REMARKABLE and is overwhelmed with patients, no surprise. Not only did she treat my peri-menopause, but said my biggest issue was likely adrenal fatigue.

What??I had never heard of it.

"And by the way", she further commented,"I am willing to bet most of your fire department coworkers have it, too".

I took the adrenal saliva test and when my physician got the results back and went over them with me, I was astonished. I was a flatliner. I was running on fumes. Probably for years, too.

So I began taking Isocort in the AM and Cortisol Manager in the PM. My physician said that it did not take me a short time to get Af and so it would take a long time to get out of it. So i did everything I could to get better, except change my job. Finally in May 2014, I decided to retire. I needed a break. I was leaving earlier than planned and so my pension is not what it should or could be, but i have my health. I decided to put together a plan to get fit and rested. So I went under a Registered Dietician and doctor's care in a weight loss program through a University research program within a Ketosis diet plan in October 2014. Low calories consisting of high protein, low carb and fat so the body burns fat on your body. So far I have lost 30 pounds. I did not exercise the first 4 months (and still dropped 20 pounds). I let the diet work and did not tax my adrenals with exercise until i was ready. I have 15 more to go. Second, I let myself rest. i slept when I wanted and anytime i wanted. i didn't care what anyone thought. Finally I felt ready to exercise again in February/March 2015. I started by walking and, even more, swimming laps. I only did as much as I felt. I would push a little if I knew I could. if I came home and slept afterward, that was fine. I let myself do whatever my body told me to do. I stopped taking Isocort and Cortisol manager in January. i just took my adrenal stress test and am awaiting results.They have come up slowly while i was working. i hope to see a marked increase since I radically changed my life this past year.
I hope this helps someone!

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Feb 17, 2016
Adrenal Fatigue NEW
by: claire

Frances, please share the name of the wonderful naturopath that helped you with your Adrenal Fatigue. I am also suffering from Stage 3 Adrenal exhaustion but I have not been successful in finding a doctor to help me. Thank you.

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