Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Phase I

by Gabriella

I've had adrenal issues since high school brought on by birth control pills. When menopause hit, my life literally stopped. Spent several years looking for the answer. Unfortunately, many former ER and the like docs prescribe hormone replacement like candy and I was over-dosed on hormones which created stage 8 (the worst) of adrenal fatigue (Diagnosis Tech 4 pt saliva test).

I am into this 8 months now. It will probably take 2.5 years, maybe a little less to fully recover.

I have the full gambit of symptoms: fatigue, insomnia, reactions to food, drinks, supplements, lotion, everything. It took several months for me to heal enough to take enough supplements to help with energy and to do drink alkaline water. Even the water caused dizziness and fatigue. So the fact that I can now drink the water, take most of the adrenal supplements needed and get an energy spurt in the a.m. is good.

I absolutely do not feel like doing anything, but its better than 8 months ago, when I didn't want to live and couldn't see my future.

Unfortunately I am dealing with this along with hormones imbalances and thyroid issues which are only exacerbated by the AF. None of it is going to work like it should because the adrenals and insulin regulate it all.

Oh yes, I also have insulin resistance which is another energy stealer and contributes to the brain fog from AF.

I have a great doc. We just can't speed up AF healing. You MUST do everything to help it get there. Eat right, supplementation, REST and find out where you are by doing the 4pt saliva test by ZRT or Diagnos-Tech (the one I recommend). I also recommend the Facebook group: Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid care. They saved me from going out of my mind while I am healing. I thought I would never recover, but slowly I am. They have a vast library of resource materials to read to help you help yourself and even help your doctor to help you. I highly recommend this group. They even help you interpret your labs.

I hope this helps. You can always contact me here if you have questions. I will check in again in a few months.

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Jul 31, 2021
8 months in NEW
by: Becky

I thank you for your post. I see that it was in 2019. I hope you have healed since.

I am in the same boat with hormone and thyroid issues. Not feeling a lot of Hope right now. Searching hi and low for success stories.

Current symptoms:

Fatigue and weakness
Food intolerance
GI issues
Supplement intolerance
Adrenaline rushes
Sleep issues
Temperature intolerance

I am unable to work and almost on empty with savings. All docs say my labs are fine so I should be fine.

Functional docs want to load supplements that I can’t tolerate.

Feeling quite scared and lost

Apr 03, 2019
thank u for sharing NEW
by: Yun


i understand how it feels when the future seems so bleak. thanks for the reminder that we can't speed up AF healing... im currently stuck in stage 3 AF and it's been 6 months and i can see people are starting to think i'm just bumming around at home and lazy.

I get really depressed about not being able to work and go out with friends like every other 29 year old... but i guess it's in God's time and i shouldn't rush my body...

may your healing continues and God bless

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