adrenal fatigue recovery in progress...

by Matthew
((East Coast))

I have been suffering from Adrenal Fatigue for over 3 years now, though I have been undergoing slow recovery for about 2-3 months.

My encounter with this God-awful condition began when I returned to graduate school for physical therapy. In a nutshell, I was experiencing all of the following symptoms:
-Very low energy/lethargy
-Extreme and constant mental/physical fatigue unrelieved by rest
-Postural hypotension
-Decreased endurance
-Low libido
-Extremely low testosterone levels (continually tested-lowest was 34, when normal values range anywhere from 300-1200)
-Numerous other symptoms common to AF

My recovery began after graduating and was jump-started due to some key factors:
-Increased amount of sleep (as much as you feel your body needs)
-Improvement in stress-reduction methods
-Improvement in supplementation (taking supplements commonly noted to aid AF recovery)
-Formation of real appreciation to take matters into my own hands instead of relying on the medical community (I cannot tell you the number of doctors I have seen)

I have always had a healthy diet/exercise regimen (have been gluten/dairy-free for years and ate real foods as well as consistently perform resistance training) but the following improved my recovery:

1) Always eating real foods (higher protein diet with moderate good fats/carbs, avoidance of sugars/refined foods)


3) Continual use of stress-reduction methods

4) Key supplements:
-Glutamine (for resistance training)
-BCAA's (for resistance training)
-Zinc gluconate
-Vitamin B complex
-Omega-3 fish oil
-Men's multivitamin
-Ashwagandha root
-Maca powder
-Raw adrenal glandular concentrate (from Natural Sources)

Really, if I had to choose one supplement that make the largest difference it would most definitely be the adrenal glandular concentrate. I began feeling closer to my old self again after beginning a routine with it.

Still recovering and have a ways to go, but the aforementioned 4 areas have greatly improved my recovery efforts.

I have not seen one doctor (out of the dozens I HAVE seen) that believes in adrenal fatigue. I have been misdiagnosed, only to come to a self-diagnosis as well as a self-treatment regimen. I am continually adjusting my recovery efforts with fine-tuning and will continue to do so until I feel my adrenals have actually recovered.

Never give up, never settle, keep positive!

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Feb 16, 2015
by: Janet

I'm coming to understand the dilemma that so many face in finding a doctor. I'm moving to a rural area and the ones that could help me either don't take insurance or one has pages and pages of people on a waiting list. The three places I would suggest to look for a doctor are




Blessings in your health and endeavors.

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