Adrenal Fatigue Doctor in Memphis, TN??

by Denise
(Memphis, TN)

I am suffering from low thyroid and adrenal fatigue issues based on a 24-hour cortisol saliva test. I just started Armour thyroid and I'm having crushing fatigue, adrenaline rushes, feeling "tired but wired". I'm non-functional at this point. Can barely shower, get out bed, do laundry, etc. Please help.

Thank you in advance.

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Feb 24, 2018
Thyroid Test T3 AND T4
by: Anonymous

FIRST, go to endocrinologist and get your low thyroid adjusted...Dr.Ghawgi[sp]. Need a to test with a T4 AND T3! Mine was adjusted where my T3 was a little low and my T4 was a little high. PERFECT!
No more slow, sleepy days.

Mar 15, 2017
Adrenal fatigue
by: Anonymous

Hello I posted on this site in March 2013 when I was in the early stages of chronic illness .. I too started w chronic fatigue / adrenal exhaustion, hormone imbalance , fibro pain , joint pain , brain fog, extreme mineral/ vitamin deficiency, I continued to get worse .. I chose right off the bat to turn away from conventional allopathic medical system and towards alternative/ integrative practitioners ... my story is Long ... in th clogged run I awakened to what the real root causes of all these vastly growing autoimmune disorders and diseases and more and more new labeled diagnosis.. the extreme rising number of autism diagnosis ... an entire SICK society !!!
It is our LIFESTYLE & toxic environment and toxic foods and chemicals we ingest , breathe and slather on our skin etc
Our entire food supply is heavily poisoned w glyphosate ( toxic pesticides ) and genetically modified foods ( GMO) If you eat animals and animal products they are full of toxic antibiotics and growth hormones and are raised extremely in humane and mistreated PLEASE WATCH the following playlists
we are exposed and poisoned by loads of heavy metals via vaccinations and mercury amalgam fillings in our teeth ... the list goes on and on .... the answer is NOT MORE DRUGS .. the answer is extreme lifestyle changes by removing the causes and extreme lifestyle changes and detoxing the toxins and poison out of your body . In the long run I was diagnosed w Lyme Disease , Leaky Gut ( 100% food intolerances ) heavy metal toxicity , Candidasis , parasites and I began a deep Detox program .. made many mistakes along the way .. it's a learning process to TRULY HEAL and regenerate the body ... depending on your particular level of health, age amd history w exposures to heavy metals or mold and your past lifestyle and choices etc etc ..adding more chemicals (DRUGS) is not the answer ... please take it from me as my path has been 4 years since I last posted on this site when I first began to get sick ... I wasted a LOT of time and money w DOCTORS ... I just got sicker !! I finally did my own research and realized we are simply loaded w toxins thst tear us down and damage our immune systems ( all systems in the body ) I hired a Detox /Natural Health coach for 6 months in Feb 2015 to help me get started once I realized more drugs was not the answer .. as matter of fact the drugs are a huge part of why I was getting sicker and sicker !
There is SO much more to my personal story as to why I sm still not completely well YET .. but I am POSITIVE I am on the right path :)
If you are interested in detoxing I will do my best to assist you to get you started .. it is my psssion now to help others who awaken to this truth and want true healing ... everyone is very unique and at different levels of health .. but the answer is same for all .. DETOX & drastic lifestyle change even beyond just your diet ;)

Oct 15, 2013
Dr. Michael Lam NEW
by: Jacquie

I'm working with Dr. Lam and his staff. Other people on this site work with him also. There are very few doctors who understand this condition. Dr. Lam is a genius! The articles on his site,, read like my autobiography.

During 30 years of severe problems, I had developed my own protocol that helped me get out of bed and perform basic functions. But it had stopped working. The changes his staff made have made a significant difference. I can't say enough good things about this team. They're the best!

Mar 25, 2013
Adrenal Fatigue NEW
by: Anonymous

Denise, were you able to find a doctor in the Memphis area whom treats Adrenal Fatigue? I too am suffering from this debilitating disorder. Please let me know if you have found anyone for treatment. I have not found anyone yet who has enough knowledge on it.


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