Adrenal fatigue and healing it

by Corinne
(Orleans, France)

I feel like I have had this for years but it got really bad 2 years ago when I moved countries and the stress of this really hurt my adrenals. I have good allergies too which I didn't really know about till I started having bad reactions to some foods like MSG was the worst one and highly concentrated tomato sauces, preservatives, possibly gluten and milk too. I've recently learnt allergic reactions can really stress your adrenals. Before moving to France I lived in UK and I was a big partyer and every weekend would binge drink and stay out dancing all night. I also did jobs which were performance based which meant I was always working on a rush of adrenaline. So I have battered my adrenal glands for most of my life. I am 32 now. I loved chocolate and sugar and potatoes and carbs too. I also was a vegetarian for many years which I've also now realized probably did a lot of harm to my body.

I have had many symptoms and been to a few doctors in France and in UK had many blood tests and scans of different areas of my body and they found nothing abnormal but I knew I was not well and not like my normal self even though I had been getting worse and worse as years went on. Anyway I have self diagnosed myself and started eating a high protein whole foods kind of diet. I eat no refined carbs no sugar no alcohol no caffine and no other stimulants even spices as sometimes I feel my back hurt after eating. My adrenals are very sensitive and if I am stressed my back will inflame around my right adrenal gland and will ache. When I didn't know what was wrong my gland felt like it grew in size and was in pain for months but no doctor knew what it was.

There is hope for all of us I believe but we must all care and listen to our own bodies. I eat 3 hot cooked meals a day at the moment for instance turkey with broccoli and green beans for breakfast. Steak with some homemade sweet potatoe fries and peas and for dinner piece of fish with steamed yellow carrots and cauliflower. I also sometimes have a goats yogurt snack at 10.30am and again before I go to bed. The most important thing I've learnt is to keep your blood sugar as stable as possible. I have tried taking adaptogens herbs some seem to be really good like holy basil and ashwaganha but sometimes adaptogens can be too stimulating and your glands need rest really than to be stimulated but we are all different and so I would never rule those herbs out. At the moment I have started taking a whole glandular just 80mg in the morning starting slow and seeing how it goes. I have also started taking dr. Wilson's adrenal rebuilder just one a day so far starting slow to let my body see how it feels with it for the first week or 2. Has anyone else had much experience with adrenal glandulars and the adrenal rebuilder supplement I'm talking about?

It's been such a depressing journey not feeling like anyone understands but I know there is something very wrong with me but I am grateful for who I am in trusting myself and my feelings as I feel so much better following what I think I should do to recover and the Internet has been way more helpful than any doctor has been. I would like to try acupuncture soon too so hopefully I can keep you lot informed on my progress.

Does anyone else have bad allergic reactions to foods and how do you help yourself when your having the reaction and also to stop it happening? I have read that when your adrenals are healed all allergys go away because it's the fact that your adrenals can't counteract with cortisol the histamine and inflammation in your body??

Thanks for listening and I'm sending all of you healing. We are not alone.

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Mar 11, 2023
interested NEW
by: Anonymous

how are you doing now?

Jun 25, 2015
My road to revovery NEW
by: Veronique from Virginia

I suggest the book Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger, MD. Gives and explanation as to why diseases even auto-immune diseases start with an unhealthy gut, tells you what to take for supplements and a diet plan. Recipes are gluten free and dairy free.

I have been taking the line of supplements from Dr. Wilson's and they have been working main symptom from adrenal fatigue, was of course fatigue (addicted to caffeine), could sleep 10 hours and still wake up so exhausted. Extreme hair loss was my worse nightmare as a female. I had been loosing large amounts for about a year and half. When I started with the supplements from Dr. Wilson it all stopped within a few days. I swear by it! I am so grateful to have finally found something that works ( I did unfortunately waste a lot of money before I found these).

I take enzymes to help break down my food and digest better. I had extreme bloating ( looked literally six months pregnant and would get asked when I was due) and a good probiotic. For energy I have been drinking chlorophyll ( green from plants and tastes minty) in my water or smoothies from the clean gut book.

I am a mom of three young girls so I had been in the habit for taking care of everyone else before myself, but not anymore. I am more balanced now in my expectations of myself. I get more rest and I don't expect everything on my to-do list to get done as fast. I had problems in my marriage for years which is one of the main reasons for my stress, I had been going to therapy which helped a lot, but the biggest game changer in that department was a book called The 5 Love Languages. Helped make our 13th year of marriage the best of them all!

So if anyone else has been suffering from the same symptoms I had been, I swear by all these things. I am also open to suggestions but so far I feel I am on the road to recovery!

May 05, 2015
Adrenal supplements
by: Anonymousmy

I just started taking Phyto-ADR a few days ago. Per my cortisol test I am too high first thing in the morning, but start bottoming out around 11, so I take 2 capsules at 11, and 2 more around 3. I'm playing with that last dose. I am a peds critical care nurse, so lots of stress. I think I will be taking 2 in the afternoons that I work, and one on the days I don't. I slept like total crap on Sunday when I took 2 without working.

I also started a mini dose of naturethroid in the morning for symptom relief, because my labs were borderline. I am already so much better and is only been 3 days!

Mar 16, 2015
Food Sensitivities
by: Janet

My doctor recommends rotating your food to decrease sensitivities and to reintroduce foods that you've eliminated. For instance, eat beef only every four days. The same with chicken and separate days for turkey, and pork. And fish different ones every four days. The same with fruits and vegetables. But usually keep the same family on the same day. Like cruciferous ones on the same day. Dairy every four days. Swiss cheese on a different day. You can get an individualized rotation diet that accounts for all your personal IGg's and IGe's from Genova Labs. I don't have any strong sensitivities, just a few very low level ones that I don't fee symptoms of. My doctor told me to do everything in Dr. Wilson's book and I ignored her the first time and then I crashed and burned. My saliva tests showed that my cortisol was bottomed out from morning to night. Then at one time I tried to get all the supplements I could. I believe that taking Vitamin C at stressful times is helpful and Ashwaganda probably helped me too. Also, drink lots of water. I have a very low income so I can't get the supplements I need but I think rest and following a good diet is helping me a lot. I'm no longer bottomed out for 24 hrs, but I have to work on getting the cortisol lower in the evening. Also, I use plenty of salt and try to avoid a lot of potassium during the day, especially mornings. There is also a lot of good information at .

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