Adrenal Fatigue:
The 21st Century Stress Syndrome
Dr. James Wilson

This book is THE definitive resource for people suffering from adrenal fatigue. An absolute must-have. Dr. James Wilson is still the leading authority on adrenal fatigue, and this book is a comprehensive resource that thoroughly explains what adrenal fatigue is, why it happens, and how you can help yourself restore your adrenal glands.

There is A LOT of information here--you will be referring to it multiple times to glean everything you need out of it. 

Dr. Wilson has also personally formulated a complete line of supplements consisting of all of the key vitamins, minerals, and glandular components that are crucial for adrenal health.

When taken together according to his guidelines, these supplements provide a well-rounded support to your adrenal glands and are a great way to begin your recovery. This is the same program that I used and had great success with. 

Read visitor-submitted reviews of Dr. Wilson's supplements, and my personal experience with them here.

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