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Well it all started back in April 2017. I had been working full time as an Occupational Therapist for 30 years. I was getting more fatigued like most people, needing more sleep for the last few years before this happened and not sleeping well through the night. I was just dragging more and more. Then at the end of April - I seemed to crash - I could not walk around the block and could barely walk down the hall at home. No clue what was going on. I went to a naturopath who tested everything - blood tests.

I had mononucleosis when I was a teenager - so I had antibodies for Epstein Barr virus. They said I had a recent or past infection. The thing that bothered me, was that the antibody count was 750, and a dormant virus should only be 20 or less. My cortisol was low in the morning and all day - stage 2 adrenal fatigue it said. Also positive for hoshimotos thyroiditis. Liver enzymes slightly elevated, and that was all they found.

Well the naturopath put me on some herbal antivirals and sent me on my way. She told me to stop gluten, I had already stopped sugar, was eating more vegetables, no processed foods or bad oils, tried to eat more organic, take vitamin d (that was low). That was about it. So on I went for several months - felt better by mid September. Then for no apparent reason, I crashed again - was walking - feeling more energy - then the heaviness in the arms and legs came back and whammo - back to the drawing board.

I knew there was a REASON why my adrenals were fatigued, and I never bought this business of the epstein barr virus (the virus that causes mononucleosis) being dormant. Why were my antibodies so high? The doctors were clueless and not concerned about it. I started doing crazy amounts of research. I found that viruses can hide in organs like the liver, spleen, thyroid, the brain, etc. When they hide like that there is no test in modern medicine that can find them. Finally by last December I learned about an anti-viral diet, and started to avoid any food I heard fed viruses. I gave up eggs, grains, all corn, dairy, and gluten I had been off of. I started a spray called RNA zeolite, and silver collidal to help me gently rid my body of toxins and heavy metals. I started feeling better. By January I began juicing dark leafy greens 2-3 times a day with fruit (so I could stand it). I took lysine two times a day (500mg) - it helps not feed viruses.

After 4 weeks of the juicing I could walk a little more - no set backs . I bought Markus Rothkranz greens and protein and was able to slowly tolerate it. I started on a high quality probiotic. I knew I had to heal my gut as most of us have high candida so I was eating a lot of celery too at that time. I had to ease in slow on everything - if I took more than my body could handle I backed off. I knew most of us have low acid in the intestinal tract and I needed to increase that - I used apple cider vinegar on my salads. All of this so I could start to absorb the nutrients I was slowly being able to tolerate.

Since then I have added Food Research and Ancestral Supplements - slowly to my protocol. They are made of all food - organs. Very high in minerals and vitamins. I can tolerate kelp now. This has made a huge difference as I now know I have been nutrient deficient my whole life and this finally led to my chronic fatigue and shot adrenal glands.

I am now walking up hills almost daily, back to work 2 months ago about 16 hours a week, slowly adding hours, still improving and getting stronger. The supplement I noticed that really helped very quickly was Bone Marrow by Ancestral Supplements. I was already doing well but that one increased my energy within 4 days by 40 percent - I am able to go on less sleep now and still function well.

I feel better now than I have in probably 4 years. There is a reason our adrenal glands are fatigued. This does not happen without a cause - western medicine is clueless. I will admit if I had not been a health care professional I would not have figured this out - my background definitely helped me.

You see we are not getting nutrients from the food - not getting enough vitamins and especially not minerals. Of course with adrenal fatigue it can be hard in the beginning because we cannot handle minerals well - that was why I started with just juicing dark leafy greens.

I hope this helps someone out there. I got a lot of help watching Dr. Randal Tent's videos on you tube. He helped validate my theory that hidden viruses were behind my adrenal/chronic fatigue.

My diet will never be the same - I also will never get a flu shot again - they just add viruses to the body - even though they are de-activiated they can re-activate in the body. I will never be able to eat pizza and burgers again (well, maybe once a year) - because if I do I will go down again - I have to have high nutrient food, good fats, etc. But it is worth it to be able to be my OLD and actually BETTER and MORE energetic self than ever before. Oh and no Genetically modified food either - all organic (as much as possible anyway).

God bless you all!

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Feb 13, 2019
This is a blessing and guidance
by: Anonymous

Been reading all stories. This one really felt close to what I'm facing.
So grateful you shared as I'm just beginning this journey. Read your story last night and just found out this morning that I have the EVB virus at 599 and EVB (EBNA) at 563. Thank goodness for my great Nurse Practitioner that turned to do Women Holistic care. Still awaiting saliva results for adrenal fatigue confirmation.

Your post has been to me a God sent.

Will continue my journey and follow what you did.


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