Kingston, NY - Adrenal Fatigue doctor assistance needed

by Mary
(Kingston, NY)

I am looking for a Adrenal specialist. I have been to multiple doctors and have ruled out most issues but this one. After having 3 kids I was diagnosed with PCOS, insulin resistance, now border line diabetes. I am not overweight but slowly gaining and completely exhausted. I did do a salvia test with one doc. and my cortisol levels came back low. I was then told by my PC that these tests are not that accurate. I am always exhausted, cold, and having a hard time functioning. If anyone has a suggestion of a Dr. in Kingston, NY or surrounding areas please let me know.


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Nov 02, 2016
Any luck?
by: Anonymous

I'm not very far south of you. I'm wondering if you ever found anyone? To address the other suggestion....Steven Bock focuses primarily on Lyme (he got me up off the couch I'd spent a year on), his brother Ken Bock does address adrenals. He is located in Red Hook. $$$$$ though!

May 25, 2016
Kingston Doc?
by: GC

I am closer to Oneonta, and am having similar issues. I heard of a doc in Rhinebeck named Steven Bock, and I wonder if he addresses adrenal fatigue, or if you have any experience with him, since you live down that way.
Good luck with your search!

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