Burned out!

by Skywalker

I'm a 43 yr old male that has always been very active. Played multiple sports my entire life and until my bout with Adrenal Burnout was training and doing multiple Spartan races in a weekend. I was in the best shape of my life just over a year ago, then a perfect storm happened.
I got Lyme disease. I had the bullseye tick bite show up after a few days of feeling terrible. I went and got the test and sure enough it was positive. I started the regime of antibiotics and went on with life. I felt much better after a few days and went back to training...HARD. I'm talking about intense crossfit style workouts. I noticed that the training was becoming harder and harder to recover from. I was ok doing the workouts but after them I just seemed to feel symptoms of fatigue, dizziness, lightheadedness...the whole spectrum. A few weeks later I contracted the flu. I never had the flu before and it put me in bed for a week. It drained me and although I recovered in about 2 weeks I never recovered fully. I tried to work out and it only made me feel worse. A few weeks later after an intense workout I crashed hard. Went to the ER on two occasions because I thought I was dying. Multiple tests showed nothing. In fact Dr's thought I was full of crap because I was the picture of health for a man of my age. Months went by and test after test showed very little issues with my blood work. Cortisol was low but not too bad, and so was DHEA and Aldostorone. I started seeing a Naturalpath and she was great, and confirmed that I was indeed in Stage 3 of Adrenal Exhaustion. She put me on a bunch of supplements to heal my adrenals, changed my diet and stressed the importance of sleeping better and at first I thought they were working. Suddenly the supplements began to work against me and make me feel worse. Now I am stuck between not taking the supplements at all or sticking with the program. Every day is a battle. Over a year ago I could run a mile in under 6 minutes and now I can't even walk a mile without sitting down to rest. I need some alternatives to supplementation or need to know if I should just keep on sticking with the program. Thanks in advance for your advice!

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